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  1. Going to Dallas in the morning. 5:30 am flight. Sitting at the bar at Embassy Suites in Eastie. Supposed to be a furnace all week out there. Hi 90’s, lows about 80. 70 plus dew point.
  2. You can show anything you want using percentages to manipulate data.
  3. 0.00 mr day, you have no grade point average.
  4. No, that’s not the reason. Pressure from the left.
  5. Covid is a cottage industry now.
  6. Back to the pool. Fook Covid.
  7. Rapid test is fine. There should be a good one by now. If there’s not, it’s malfeasance. There’s been plenty of time to make a good one. That’s the way they test for the flu. Rapid test using lateral flow methodology. This is what we should be using instead of that horse shyte PCR test. A rapid antigen test would tell you who is actually shedding enough virus to infect others.
  8. Massachusetts mandated in person, 5 days a week. My kids went to private school last year. 5 days, full time. One kindergartner was out with the COVID sniffles for a week. That’s it. No teacher or staff had it. And no adult was vaxed until at least March/April. Kids need to be back in school.
  9. It’ll burn itself out to a low baseline. Once enough people get infected or vaxed, they’ll be fewer vectors. But it could take another couple of years.
  10. Don’t knock it till you try it. Needs to be done with a cheap ass Pilsner like coors or bud.
  11. We just called it red beer, but I’ve heard them called red eye too. It’s pretty good actually. Coors Light blows but a little tomato juice and some salt on top is pretty good. Im not a huge beer drinker. I know what I like. Not a fan of IPAs either. I’ll stick with a Sam lager.
  12. I liked the originals. Greevey, Logan, robinette, stone and cragen.
  13. They have had increasing cases for about 4 weeks. There have been no changes in the number of deaths. In every other spike the deaths have followed 2-3 weeks later. So far, nada. In every instance I can find where vax rates are high, the death numbers are non existent despite increasing cases. They have 185 in the hospital. That’s less than half of what they had in the last spike.
  14. Coots light mixed with a little tomato juice. Touch of salt on top. Get the mix right, and it’s actually pretty good.
  15. Back in the winter there was a week where I kept smell burnt ashes. Like old wet cigarettes. Hmmm
  16. I was in line as soon as I was eligible and will get a boost too. I don’t want that shyte.
  17. The more people that are vaxed, the "spread" wont matter. There will be fewer people to actually get infected and fewer and fewer vectors.
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