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  1. Some of the ICU beds at smaller hospitals are used for Covid wards. They’re not necceserily sick enough for ICU level care. It’s not the norm, but it is prevalent here and there.
  2. MDs aren’t trained scientists for the most part. Most MDs who do research have a PhD as well. Medical school is trade school for physicians. I can teach someone that’s good with their hands a little anatomy and they can do basic abdominal surgery in a few months. Give them a PDR, and they can figure out how to treat basic shyte. Good MDs are great diagnosticians. But it’s doesn’t mean they know how to do good science. My kids pediatrician is a good physician. But he told me immunology is out of his wheel house. People in the Boston area with physicisns at the big teaching hospitals are good researchers too. But 80% wouldn’t know how to read a scientific paper correctly.
  3. Lots of hospitals mandate it. Either vax or wear a mask during flu season. Mass General is one
  4. More vaxed in mass. Bout a third of the people in the hospital on any given day are there because they can’t get transferred back to the LTC. They use the hospital to hold them until the LTC will take them back. Massachusetts has no death or hospital issue. Like I’ve said before, my problem with the CDC metrics is soley based on cases. We’re not in the same boat as a state like Louisiana, but we’re treated like it because of the silly case only metric.
  5. I like Lowe’s better. They’ll get my business. Business can put on mask mandates, I dont have to shop there. Free enterprise.
  6. Massachusetts doesn’t report numbers on Saturday and Sunday anymore. There were and average of 862 per day over the last three days. 3 deaths. It’s been 7 weeks since “the surge”. I think we uncoupled.
  7. https://whdh.com/news/dph-73-percent-of-covid-19-breakthrough-deaths-in-mass-had-underlying-conditions-average-age-82-5/ Interesting read. Another part of of the article said that some of the Covid cases in the hospital in Mass weren’t there because of Covid. They tested positive on admission for something else.
  8. Lol. Ya know, I have all the undesirables block. You’re not. For some reason I find you a pretty good dude.
  9. Out by me? Yea. Other places, meh. I know a couple that havent been out of the house except twice in 18 months. Still hose down their grocery’s.
  10. It’s called CYA from the legal department.
  11. Lol. I hear them! I kinda like it down here. My retirement house is in North Carolina on the water and I like it there a little better. But I’m for sure moving at some point.
  12. Both probably. I actually think Moderna is a little more durable maybe
  13. Lol. Kinda vacation. I took my kids to see my mother for a few days. She wanted something at Walmart so we went.
  14. I wouldn’t think much. I think their all vaxed. And I think they needed a test to come home anyway. Could be wrong.
  15. Got to Dallas about 1. Staying in Farmers Branch. Bout 97. Dew point is 72. Feels like blast furnace. I kinda like it. Hitting the pool soon. Stopped and got something to eat and went to Walmart. Petty normal here. Maybe saw one or two masks. Wouldn’t know anything was going on. People going about their business. Pretty refreshing actually. Wish I could retire and move out of silly land.
  16. Lololol. She’s awful. I have her on ignore so I dont see her junk.
  17. Join the club. Nobody really does where I am. We keep them down around our chin unless we get up and move around. The day after the mandate went back, everybody who could stayed home again. We went from about 30% occupancy back down to about 10%. Why go in and wear the stupid thing when you can sit home on Zoom.
  18. CDC own publication says maybe 1.5%. Basically down in the noise
  19. Yes. It’s worked so well in other countries that are very mask compliant.
  20. Thank god local sports ball team wont get beat tonight
  21. Like masking and distancing has done so much to get rid of this world wide. So by all means, let’s do more if it. Pretty clear at this point the vax is only good for about 6-8 months. If your sick, stay home, drink fluids, take Tylenol. If your really sick, go to the hospital. Basically the same as we’ve done for the last several generations. This isnt going way. Learn to live with it or live in a closet with 5 masks and a face shield and wither your life away scared shyte less. I’ll take booster if it’s offered, and everyone should get vaxed. But society is going to have to move on or we become enslaved to it. Myself, I’d rather be 6 feet under than live masked, distanced and scared.
  22. Just don’t engage her. A little self control. If you don’t respond to it, there’s little reason to stay. She justs want attention. So why give it to her. Ignore it.
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