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  1. Ding ding, we have a winner. I know some where I work that haven't been in the building since March 2020. And with mandates today, they’re not likely back until 2022. That’s a solid 2 years sitting at home. Why would they want to come back. But yea, we’ll have a vax mandate by the end of the year. That’s the only way we’ll get out of masks. I’m sure that’s the angle.
  2. It won’t affect me much outside of work unless I have to fly. I won’t wear one anymore.
  3. How many hours a day do you wear yours?
  4. Well, I don’t REALLY think that’s what they’re saying. It’s just poor optics if they want people to take their vax.
  5. I think my company is setting us up for a vax mandate. The way the email was worded, it makes me think that the way out of masks at work is to mandate a vax. They’ve been touting a September return to work. The email today said that was being backed off until late October or November. With the holidays, that will get backed off till after the first of the year. No office people will come back to work en masse if they have to wear a mask after sitting on their a$$ at home for the last 18 months on Zoom. In betting that the place will be a tomb tomorrow. We had a few non lab people back, but after today, they’ll be back on zoom.
  6. Ah, it’s both. What Phin said above is basically correct. Pharma takes govt money in the form of Medicare and Medicaid. If they don’t go along, we’ll… I just find it funny that Pfizer going to mask mandate ms for vaxed office employees is tantamount to admitting their vax doesnt work.
  7. Yea, that’s the worst part.
  8. Easier said than done. They pay my salary so it’s either suck it up or quit. All the local pharma put mandates back on. Merck and Astra Zeneca put there’s back on yesterday. Bristol Myers Squib and Pfizer put it back on last Thursday. I was just waiting for ours. I figured it would be yesterday honestly. Pfizer, lol. Of all companies to put an office mask mandate back on vaxed people. The irony.
  9. What pisses me off even worse is Massachusetts and Cambridge isn’t under a mandate. Baker said he’s comfortable where we are with our vax rates, low hospitalizations, and low death numbers. Yet a private company is kowtowing to a CDC recommendation. Multinational corporations are letting the government tell them how to run their business.
  10. I was in a conference call from 2-3 in a small collaboration room since we have open concept office. The email telling us to mask back up came in at 2:30. I got physically ill somewhat. By the time I got off my call, my histo tech had gone down to the lab and brought up a box of surgical masks. All my folks were sitting at their desks with their mask down around their chin. De ju vue from May. That’s what we did before. Pull the thing down somewhat and when we got up to move around we pulled it back up. There is no distancing. The conference rooms are full capacity. We can remove the masks in the lunch room when we are all eating together at the same table. But as soon as we go back to our desk or 3 of us in a conference room taking business, it’s mask up. Management is supposed to be made up of smart people, yet this is what we do?
  11. Don’t say her name anymore. She’ll show up like Beetle juice
  12. I’m just pissed we’re back in masks at work based on an arbitrary case metric and not outcomes. A 2% positivity rate means nothing given the hospitals around here are basically empty of Covid and the death numbers are practically zero. So if middlsex county goes back below 50/100k, can we take masks off? Just on a yo-yo and a treadmill here. The CDC metrics make no sense because outcomes aren’t factored in.
  13. The receivers are learning the route tree this week. He’s gonna be a tired mofo when I go pick him up
  14. This is what Ive suspected all along. No judgment. But that’s what happens. My step brother is gay and is a frequent visitor out there. He told me a few days ago he thought using a p-town outbreak to make CDC policy is terrible.
  15. LOL We've been in the office for over 2 months with no ask, and have had zero positives among employees, ZERO! Yet im sitting here in a mask again
  16. Stupid. Your going to walk in with a mask then sit down and take it off? And full capacity? If everything wasn't ridiculous before, it is now.
  17. CDC says if your in an area of 50 cases per 100,000, wear a mask. Most of Mass is around 55-60/100K. Hospitalizations are around 200 in the whole state, and there's been <1 death per day on average. Yet here I am in a mask based on an arbitrary case number that means shit.
  18. They just re-instated a mask mandate at work UGH
  19. My company uses contract companies for security, Cafe operations, loading dock, and janitorial. They started requiring the contract people in the building to wear masks yesterday. Regular employees aren't under the requirement. I'm guessing they cant make the weekly covid test for unvaxed contractors mandatory like they can for us, so they made a mask requirement across the board for them.
  20. That thick junk is like eating cake. I like the thin stuff.But a lot of pizza around just swims in grease. Blech
  21. We used to do it at work a few times a year a few years ago. Kinda stopped when one of the Chinese’s ladies left my department.
  22. God, sounds pretty awful. I like garlic, but not like that.
  23. That wasn’t bad. We used to go there for lunch. It closed about 7 years ago.
  24. Don’t disrespect the pizza parlor. I can’t be seen in here anymore.
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