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  1. DCA: 5.3 IAD: 13.3 BW!: 11.3 tie breaker: 2"
  2. I agree 100% with your observation Mitch! I am not one who posts often due to limited knowledge of the dynamics and physics of this science, but I have about the same amount of experiential knowledge as you do in that I have lived in this area for my whole life of nearly 50 years now. Some winters it wants to snow at the drop of a hat even when all indices say that it should not be favorable for snow. And other winters just stink, despite all of the upper atmosphere components lining up just right. This is one of those years. I was hoping that this morning's snow was going to be the well needed "fluke". Perhaps March will serve up a nice pretty tree topper with plops that fall on our heads as we walk under the trees.
  3. DCA: 9z: 47 12z: 39 BWI: 9z: 42 12z: 36 IAD: 3.1" BWI: T DCA: 0.0 Highest LWX spotter report: 9.1"
  4. In Roger Smith I trust!! BWI: 39.4 DCA: 27.4 IAD: 44.4 RIC: 17.4 Tiebreaker: -2.4
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