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  1. Yes that’s very true. I remember a few times in my Wildcat days when I had to choose between Wildcat and Attitash and I’d leave Attitash to go to Wildcat based on their snow report, only to get there and find out they had received 1/3 the snow of Attitash even though their report said the opposite. It was very frustrating! It does seem like Stowe does a good job, but it’s really hard to put Bretton Woods in the same category. It’s got great terrain, unbeatable views and awesome conditions but management just does not compare to other ski areas. I mean, hell, we still have paper ski passes lol!
  2. These 3” have already made a nice difference on the trails. Interesting that the snow report says “an inch or so.” This must be the only ski resort on the planet that underreports snow. I love it here but man they could do so much better in so many areas.
  3. 2.75" of pure fluff overnight
  4. It’s probably gonna rock. I’m going to the Berkshires for a few days lol
  5. One thing to keep in mind and keep things in perspective... We REGULARLY get frost and freezes in June.
  6. I think this last storm is what screwed us. It was all nice and puffy (Japan like as PF put it), and holding up great even if the upslope machine was not quite running at full power. Then this last storm knocked most of it down except for the larger chunks, so the vibe changed. Also, it gets old lol.
  7. This was mid May last year. Looong way to go (though personally I'm hoping for a much earlier end to winter!).
  8. It's completely clear and starry, but there are a few flakes coming down. 0F but doesn't really look like diamond dust... Although it must be something like that
  9. Strange, they didn't show that in The Crown. Great show BTW
  10. LOL. If you can find me the Cliffs Notes, I'm in. We can start the Coos County Book Club.
  11. If I were to believe those maps I’d be using the gondola towers as a snow stake
  12. This last storm, while it may have added significant density to the pack, has really changed the conditions on the mountain. Anything not groomed today was just outright awful - essentially cement. We definitely need some pow. On a funny note, the deck in front of my dining room window is unshoveled and my dog can now walk on the snowpack without sinking in, so when she goes by the window she looks the size of a horse lol.
  13. 2.5" of pure sleet here and currently pelting. Not even sure it ever really snowed! Should be great to cover up the skied off patches in the glades though...
  14. In a normal rear, sounds good. This year, I'd go with half of that for us lol. Which i still wouldn't complain about.
  15. -10 now. Not a breath of wind
  16. A brisk -8/-22 here. First tracks anyone?
  17. I wonder how many times we've crossed paths without knowing lol!
  18. Great shot. I was really looking forward to some sun while skiing and the moment I got out it started snowing. I'm cursed lol
  19. We are practically snow starved. What is this Maryland or something???
  20. It's actually snowing quite nicely at the moment. Super fluffy stuff so it stacks easily. I do remember saying "don't count on a sunny day on a NW wind" yesterday
  21. Was just entering the 2" from yesterday on the snow table, and notice how much shaft we've been getting comparatively speaking. It was usually "neck and neck" between JSpin and I on past years - as I've noted before, with us overperforming on coastals and the Mansfield area overperforming in uplsope. This year the upslope has been decent - but of course here in the valley never at those levels - while coastals have pretty much shafted us since October, so we're quite a bit behind. No complaints, it's been a nice winter with very consistent snowcover with the exception of (of course) the Xmas period, and skiing has been awesome and far better than last year. Nevertheless, it's interesting to notice! This is also the time of the year when (blasphemy) I start looking forward to Spring, and Spring is NOWHERE in sight.
  22. Same here. Get those glades nice and sparkly