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  1. You probably still get snow at 32.9 where I have rain, storms, EF4s and eye of tropical canes at 32.9
  2. dropped 2 and now sitting at 40.4 as the sun comes up
  3. He would be an improvement over half the OL in front of him
  4. I’ve seen a lot of ugly games and that one was one of the worst. I was actually rooting for a tie or the WTFs to lose 5-3. Snyder has and will be awful. The NFL should have dumped him when the first news of the sexual harassment broke. Now they are saddled with him like us fans are. And the team is just so bad as well
  5. .36" here so far good soaker
  6. Getting some showers now. Lots more leaves coming down too so slick roads
  7. Not as chilly in Williamsburg. 41 per wxbug
  8. Also quite cool here this morning
  9. Even over here on the south end of the eastern shore there was barely any flooding and not much standing water. Super dry beforehand and precip spread out over many days. Hardly any tidal flooding as well. The drought maps should show a healthy change when updated
  10. glad to hear he's going better!
  11. It just keeps raining. Nothing heavy but woke up to more rain. Gonna have close to 3” when it’s done
  12. 2.61” for the entire storm but feels like it is more given how longs it’s lasted. Last night had some of the steadiest rains of the whole event
  13. 46.1. 2.01” storm total as of this morning
  14. I told my mom early this week Ian wasn't going to be a big deal for the eastern shore. Now it will be to an extent. Winds and tides mostly. And western side of the bay will see some flooding now
  15. People just don't realize that its NOT a tidal wave amount of water that comes and goes. It is a relentless, steady rise that lasts for hours. Just when you think its done it keeps coming. Wind can push a hell of a lot of water. Likely to have deaths in the 1000s if too many people didn't haul ass out of there.
  16. This will be an interesting year. Aging vets like Ovie, Carlson, Oshie and uncertainty with Backy and his hip. I hope they didn't overpay for getting Keumper but that might settle the goalie issue that's plagued them the last 2-3 years. I think they have to bite the bullet and get some of their kids to step up and play. Laviolette HAS to play the kids more. He can't keep pushing the old guys to go 20 min a night. Maybe with better goaltending he CAN roll 4 lines every night equally. Strome is a decent FA so i hope he and the others can do the job.
  17. Ian gaining more strength would not be surprising. More than expected that is
  18. As a fellow key lime pie lover, I would say your audacity to accuse her of lacking credibility is an affront us all. And to America. I will not stand for this!!
  19. Oh the usual. One post that ruffles feathers and then all hell breaks loose
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