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  1. Radar is better IMBY. Waiting for temps to drop now that the blazing sun is gone. Road cave watch issued
  2. Officially 1”!!!! The drought is over!!
  3. The hood of my truck has caved slightly
  4. 0.8" as of 3pm I had 0.5" at 6 am this morning. Its snowed 0.3" in 9 hours.
  5. I still say just SN but the far distance is now fuzzy instead of clear when it was the sizzle fest.
  6. Goddamn you and your logic. Next you will tell me there was enough sun energy to power a Tesla from 11am to 2pm and now its down to powering a drone copter
  7. You have a bar called Connecticut Ave? Is it on Florida Ave? 28.3/24
  8. Its not that. Its the radar. There is a hole in precip that happens from culpepper to Orange to Fredricksburg. If you watch a loop on Radarscope you can see how it just takes forever to fill in
  9. Just not doing much here. Radar keeps showing very light returns to my SW. I know I'm being impatient but just stinks to have hours of snow, no accums and people already reporting SN and roads pummeled. Guess the silver lining is that it IS snowing.
  10. Tropics and magma near the surface doesn't help either.
  11. Its snowing but basically white rain. Snow might be able to accumulate on grassy areas/cars. But roads are only wet
  12. Yeah it just actually started "snowing" here. Very light still but flake size got bigger.
  13. very fine flakes falling but very very very very light Very
  14. The usual 1:1 ratio. Better than the -10:100 is lowlanders usually get
  15. Very light and fine snow falling again. 25/21
  16. .5” fell. Coating everything except the roads. Those are wet/partially covered
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