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  1. Congrats all of MD. That is a huge bow and I bet the winds will rip when that hits
  2. Mine has bounced between 78-80 all afternoon
  3. yoda just cursed!!! Something bad is happening
  4. Sure. Should I still tell you if it's not? Just asking
  5. Actually I goofed. We will need a FSW. Flying Shutters Watch Lets see how many old timers get that one
  6. Do we need a FTW for later? Flying Trampoline Watch?
  7. Sun wanting to poke out more here now. 80/76 soupy
  8. I’m over 1.4”. These are heavy downpours
  9. Edit. Picked up a little more. .95”
  10. Good storm. Not severe. .67”
  11. We still have to thread needles to get wedges. Early cloud cover can screw us. I’m 25% of halfway in
  12. It better get going to hit those numbers. Unless the pattern changes soon it will bust.
  13. That was a nice cloudy cool day with some rain.
  14. -ao/+pna is what we want for winter, not summer
  15. This will be gone by winter
  16. 4.45" for the month
  17. Had the same here. Not as bad as other places but good gusts and made power flicker a few times
  18. Just picked up over .5”
  19. This was a nice storm. Got hit good. Decent winds, pouring rain, lots of boomers. Fun storm
  20. 96/79-80 now HI:116 its roasty toasty out Getting a slurpee
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