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  1. This was my view driving down 395 (in periods of heavy rain) about 6:15pm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Measured 1.90" in the gauge in my part of SSW Franconia/Kingstowne at 09:30. That's since whenever the rain started last night.
  3. Last night I attended LWX's SKYWARN "Flood" specialty class. It was really good, and I learned a lot especially since I'd never thought much about flooding before. (And it was free, though I did have to pay the price of driving to Leesburg in rush hour). A couple things I thought might be of broader interest: 1) The instructor said LWX is planning to add a probabilistic forecast for rain, like the snowfall tool, though he didn't give a time frame. I know these products evoke strong feelings here, at least for snow... 2) NWS is more conservative on flash flood warnings now because of the emergency alerts that go off on our phones; they don't want people to start turning off/tuning out those alerts. Finally, they have a history of area flooding, going back to George Washington's time, available at http://www.weather.gov/lwx//floodtimeline
  4. Likewise seeing some flakes a few miles further south. 33 on both the nearby wxbugs. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. 02/09/17 -- 0.25" 03/14/17 -- 2.40" TOTAL: 4.40"
  6. Seeing a few flakes out my office window near Foggy Bottom. Separately, the roads in my part of NOVA were really good on the drive in -- had to swing down to Lorton and then up 95/395 to the District. Everything was clear, with the only real problem people who didn't clear their cars (saw big sheets of sleet sliding off cars and hitting the freeway). DC was another story -- as soon as I hit Memorial Bridge the roads were poorly plowed and slushy.
  7. Less than 1/16" of an inch since I measured 2 hours ago; looks like 2.4" will be my total for SSW Franconia/Kingstowne, as it's time to go to work. Closest wxbug still at 31, while the second closest is at 33.
  8. 2.4" of mostly sleet measured on my snow board and submitted for a spotter report just now in SSW Franconia/Kingstowne; didn't make it out to do a proper measurement before the snow flipped to sleet last night, but it wasn't much. Still light sleet here when I was out measuring. 29/29 on the nearby wxbug.
  9. Taking the dog out in my part of SSW Franconia/Kingstowne/Southern FFX: - Cars and trash cans looked to be close to 0.5" - Grass, mulch, etc., looked to be maybe 0.25" - In 4 winters here, this is the first time the HOA has treated the HOA-controlled streets, so roads are just wet. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. You've been running 2-3 degrees warmer all day than the Wxbug near the Telegraph Rd Wegman's, FWIW. (Still haven't replaced my own temperature sensor).
  11. Drove in one of the squalls coming down 395; it was a fun mile or so! When I got home just now, I was shocked to find 0.25" on my snowboard.
  12. 01/30/17 -- 1.00" TOTAL: 1.75"
  13. Had 1" on the dot measured on my snow board just now (other surfaces were comparable). Best snow of the season for me so far (sad though that may be).
  14. It depends -- and that's one of the more frustrating things with home automation/Internet of Things. Some devices that support multiple standards can be used natively with multiple devices -- a hub, HomeKit, Alexa, etc. Others will only work within their particular ecosystem, and the hub may or may not let it talk to other devices. For example, Apple's HomeKit won't talk to Wink (without more work than I'm willing to put into it, like building a Raspberry Pi device running homebrew software) or Google/Nest devices.
  15. My brother has the Hue lights and likes them. His kids love that the lights can change colors, and they have some different "ambiance" modes set up. My own "smart home" setup uses a Wink Hub (which can control other devices) and GE Link lightbulbs. It's worked well overall, though my wife doesn't like that you have to use a phone to turn them off and on.