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Severe Threat Aug. 6th


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The convection allowing models favor the idea of several storms near St. Louis and into the southern half of Illinois tomorrow. The NAM-12km says the CAPE could be up to 2000-3000 J/kg late in the day at 00z. The 500mb winds will be pretty strong, increasing into the nighttime, with over 40 kt of 0-6km shear, so I think there could be supercells. I would think tornado chances will be low due to weaker 850mb winds. The storms could move to southern Indiana and northern Kentucky, while riding along the faster 500mb-700mb winds.


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We'll see if we even get a drop tonight. Funny, as of 3 days ago SPC was expecting us to be in the prime tornado risk area for today.

Trying to remember the last time a good summer MCV :twister:outbreak didn't miss southern Wisconsin to the south. Might have to go all the way back to July 22nd, 2010.

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Yesterday was an awesome chase for me!

I was on a few supercells earlier in the day that tried to produce but struggled in the limited low level shear. I kept hopping to the SE to catch newly developing cells as the ones to the NW got washed out. Eventually I hopped on a big supercell near Jacksonville, IL that was producing a spectacular lightning show.

At first, the cell looked outflow dominant but kept cycling with periods of strong inflow. As it started to undergo a merger with several other cells, the RFD winds began SCREAMING while a nice wall cloud carved out of the base. I decided to take a risk and go for a northern view as I figured it was now or never for tornadogenesis. I positioned myself on the north shore of Sangchris Lake without a single other chaser in sight. Sure enough, the storm planted a BEAST tornado and I got to watch it until the blinding RFD blocked my view. What an amazing experience!!



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33 minutes ago, fluoronium said:

August 6th was the craziest tornado intercept of my life. I was probably a bit too bold following it so closely from the north, however I never lost my storm awareness and in return I got some incredible views.


Glad you were safe and got those awesome views!! Great video keep it up

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