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Wake me Up....when September Ends....

40/70 Benchmark

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20 minutes ago, Typhoon Tip said:

It may be more hit and miss… I mean I know you’re talking about your region but down here we’ve pretty much not experienced all together very impressive winters… In fact rather uninspired and torpid, with lots of lighter events tending to be offset only by one single event that flagships the season. I’m sure that other people covet perspectives that may vary on that some …but just saying in general. 

There has been a lot more smaller events of the last several years for all of the northeast outside of a few anomalous ones for some, It just seems to be difficult to get 12" snow events now and the slop fest seem to be more the norm with 3-6" and 4-8" events being the majority on good years, But generally up here, I usually will record between 30-40 events and the last couple years have fallen short of 30.

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1 hour ago, CoastalWx said:

Remember that when its 65 on Christmas.

As long as it snows during Hannukah....maybe Jerry has a version of that old favorite "I'm dreamink of a vite Channuakah"

Actually Xmas snow is nice, but NYE is my bday and I like snowy or at least cold because that night we usually burn one of our big brush fires.

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September wx in the foothills:

Avg temp:  55.9   0.8 BN
Avg max:   65.2   2.7 BN (3rd lowest avg max)  Warmest: 79 on the 10th
Avg min:    46.7    1.1  AN  (2nd lowest diurnal range)  Coolest:  29 on the 30th, month's only frost, though 9/17 saw frozen dew on the car roof

Precip:  4.79"   1.13" AN   Biggest day:  1.28" on the 19th.  The 2.60" total for 18-20 is the greatest event since 12/25-26/2020.


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