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Weather Station Recommendations


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On 12/13/2020 at 4:45 PM, Northern FireWX Watcher said:

Looking at getting a new and better weather station over the ones I've had in the past. Right now looking to spend between $200-300. Any recommendations on brands or actual stations?


I’ve really enjoyed the WeatherFlow Tempest.  Runs about $330.  Check out all the Tempest stations online on this map.  It was easy to mount, set up, and has been very accurate.

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Completing the circle and closing (hopefully) my weather station change.


Nick Stefano and Tempest Weather just gave me be their time and necessary guidance-assistance in setting up my new tempest weather station.  I feel whole again after being without rain data for 3 weeks.  I hope to produce some nice graphics for our group, once we get some data an'd it looks accurate.  Tuesday should be a nice test. So I went with WeatherFlow because they are a very good company, they work with the NWS with instrumentation, which is used by the local offices and NHC.  So I hope this works out well.  

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I'm hoping my fellow forum members still visit this thread...
I have a VP2 and for the life of me have yet to get connected to my software WV32. Serial Port to USB running Windows10 Pro.
I connected to WeatherLink but it's not as comprehensive as WV32. Straight to Serial Port (nada), suspected drivers, port settings not it. USB with converter. Windows doesn't recognize under device mgr.  

Does anyone know where to find T/H pagota replacement for TWI (out of business) WL-8000?
Thanks in advance! Available via PM 

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On 10/26/2021 at 11:37 AM, yotaman said:

Keep us informed on how accurate it is. I am also looking to replace my Davis as it is way off on the humidity and dew point readings.

I looked into purchasing one but after reading the reviews on amazon I decided against it.

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Just now, Great Snow 1717 said:

I looked into purchasing one but after reading the reviews on amazon I decided against it.

I ended up getting the Ambient weather ws2902C and love it. I had a little issue getting it up on my phone but it was a breeze to set up. Seems accurate. Some of their models are currently on sale on Amazon for 20-25% off.

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