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  1. Here is a good help guide:
  2. Try Our site is currently a work in progress and few choices on radar, but we do have 80,000+ devices reporting to our website.
  3. It is no longer beta. You can view the site at The dashboard link is now Thanks Ed
  4. We added COVID-19 overlay to our interactive weather maps. Visit: Stay safe out there. Ed
  5. Yes. Per your manual the WS-2902 supports Except for very early versions of this model before the site was created. .
  6. Check out our beta launch here: .
  7. On March 1, will be launching a public website, featuring: Searchable Weather Station locations. The addition of over 2,000 public weather stations to the existing 80,000+ Ambient Weather devices connected to our cloud (as of February 2020). Interactive map with Doppler radar, temperature and wind color overlays. Hourly and 10 day forecast for your micro-climate location. Logged out map and dashboard views. You do not need to login to see personal and public weather station data. Logged in view for non-weather station owners. No weather station required, you can favorite and customize any shared dashboard. You can also send email and text alerts based on any public or personal weather station connected to our network. Improved on-boarding for non-weather station owners. Improved homepage design with simple map landing page. On March 7, the iOS and Android apps will be updated to 2.0.
  8. Yes we do. FYI. we will be adding maps and radar by the end of this year.
  9. We now have over 70,000 weather stations reporting real time to our cloud service at, so we decided to share this data with the rest of the world. Enter your location and view weather station data updated once a minute from your location, view graphs, and analyze data. Create a free account, and you can customize your desktop, send email or text alerts based on local conditions, and access 5 minute resolution data. You do not need to own a weather station, but you can add one. We will be building out map, radar, forecast and alert data, so stay tuned! Thanks! Ed