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  1. Lets see if the GFS is right once again or if the Euro will take the cake. Honestly a 30-50 mile shift west on that Euro map and a lot more people are in business..but I fear the GFS and its formidable accuracy. Nonetheless when I get home in Middletown we should have anohter 8-10 or 12 on the ground maybe?
  2. Headed back up this weekend which would make 3 days total of riding, probably 4-500 miles total. Would like to atleast get presidents day weekend in. Fingers crossed it's only temporary.
  3. I'll take 1-2 days of 40s for more snowstorm potential as long as we don't go back to that pattern we had in December
  4. Haha yes. That's interesting to say the least. Their Twitter account is something else. Fingers crossed!
  5. Im with you bud. FWIW I order my stickers for my business from a place in Amsterdam
  6. Glad to be "technically" upstate NY @tim123 What you asked for I believe.
  7. Preach! Although this thing is big enough to clobber the entire Northeast with 6+ inches if it was in the right spot.
  8. It's in a good spot for a Hudson Valley hit but I won't be home so I wouldn't mind a 100 mile westward jog to slam upstate. Now if I feel up to waiting for the Euro
  9. Rooting for it! I was refreshing the GFS page as the model was running to see if there was a change. 6 Days out, it's go time for watching. Hopefully Euro and the next few runs come more west.
  10. You guys west just got a killer storm, it's our turn in the east and central to get smoked! That Canadian is looking real good. All the models have had runs with this storm in the last 24-48. Definitely something to watch this week.
  11. You should come live in the Hudson Valley and then you can see the battle we have with that stupid rain/snow line when those LPs run to close inland... Some of these fantasy storms coming up the coast are bonkers..
  12. Holy Jesus if this hit us Hudson Valley would get obliterated.. That blue is so dark [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7] Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
  13. Woke up this morning and forgot we were scheduled to get a dusting to an inch or two thanks to the storm moving by south of us. Left my house in Middletown and it was coming down light but as I got closer to my warehouse in Florida it was really coming down nicely. Can't ask for much more on a weekday down here with no storms right now. 32-34f observed and so far a dusting in 45 minutes. Looks nice and feels good that's for sure. Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
  14. I believe 93' was 960, would that be record breaking? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
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