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Bob's Burgers

April 19th Severe Event

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One of those Cape Canaveral hook echos went right over NASA/SpaceX Launch Complex 39A. A Falcon 9 rocket was on the pad the other day. Was there a TDS on that one?

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Well that was an adventure. As I don’t live in a typical tornado area and am only a weather enthusiast I typically only lurk in these forums and just absorb all the great info that others provide.

Looks like at least 4 tornadoes locally - Citrus County, Ocala (confirmed EF-0), Deland (damage pics look like EF-0), and Lake Mary/Sanford. Maybe a couple more near the coast but that stretch is the Canaveral National Seashore and no residents in that area.

I will say this is pretty late in the season for tornadoes in Central Florida. Typically we see our non-tropical season from January-March.

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I chased that thing, mainly the 30 minutes prior to touchdown. Couldn’t see anything conclusive. Even when it did start, there was not much of a visual due to grunge factor, very dark (almost pitch black before sunset) and trees. Almost certainly rain-wrapped unless you were unsafely close. The mesocyclone reminded me of the Bonner Springs EF-4 from last year. 

By the time it crossed MS-35 south of Columbia it was dark and there was no way of keeping up. The damage south of Columbia (from what I saw) was really bad. Trees shredded and uprooted, virtually every road in the area was blocked by trees.

A reminder that storm chasing in Dixie is rarely fun. 

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