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  1. Reed Timmer has a "wedge!" TOG on his FB livestream near Lawrence, KS.
  2. Kyle-1

    May 27-29 Severe Potential

  3. Large wedge on the ground: https://twitter.com/skydrama/status/1131368834156437504
  4. https://twitter.com/NWStornado/status/1131369164818374656
  5. TOG north of Joplin near the airport.
  6. Storm out by Elmore City, OK looks like it might try something.
  7. Kyle-1

    MAY 20, 2019 High Risk

    Double tornadoes near Crescent!
  8. Kyle-1

    MAY 20, 2019 High Risk

    Eric Kelly has a TOG in Paducah, TX.
  9. Kyle-1

    MAY 20, 2019 High Risk

    Storm south of El Reno looks like it's trying something.
  10. Kyle-1

    MAY 20, 2019 High Risk

    Lurker here, do we not have mods to clean up the trolls? EDIT: Nvm, thank you buckeyefan1.
  11. Kyle-1

    April 5-6 Severe Threat

    Pretty impressive wall cloud moving across WMAZ's stream earlier... https://www.facebook.com/13WMAZ/videos/10155143588236419/
  12. Kyle-1

    Tropical Storm Bill

    Looks like they're upgrading it. TS Bill, 45 knots, 1005 mb. AL, 02, 2015061600, , BEST, 0, 270N, 940W, 45, 1005, TS
  13. Kyle-1

    Tropical Storm Bill

    AF304 is in right now and appears to be showing a better organized system as opposed to this morning's recon. Pressures are ~1003 mb, maximum sustained winds are 40-45 knots.
  14. AF309 about to make its first pass into Blanca, we should get a better gauge on the intensity of this storm shortly. Definitely a comeback storm.