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  1. Was the Auburn, AL tornado a "Moderate Risk Day, or just an "Enhanced Risk Day"? Yes. I'm not an "Expert," but I do remember how guilty and solemn bloggers felt after 27 April 2011 DID live up to all of the hype.
  2. Okay. Yeah, this is my first post (yeah, a "new" guy), but I've been a member for a while. Was today the first "45%" contour since 27 April 2011? Having bookmarked that thread years ago, I don't think the SPC ever even went with 60% that day, although it was justified. The SPC was probably too busy by 20z to do the 60%. And, yes, I remember PDS TW 235 (everything >95%) as well. And, yes, I've tried not to ask questions already answered.