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  1. For those of you who were concerned that we would break the consecutive CAT 5 hurricane seasons, no need to worry about that now. May God be with those there though as what they got with ETA was the strength of Laura plus Sally's almost stationary motion.
  2. I doubt that the population living in Lake Charles feels this way.
  3. But Mitch's pressure fell below 910 mb, if I remember right.
  4. The pressure is still very high for a 145 mph hurricane.
  5. Delta is forecast to go over the Yucatan Peninsula & reemerge over the south central Gulf. Then it's forecast to go toward the LA coastline Fri pm/Sat am. The cooler water & increased shear should weaken Delta some before the north Gulf landfall. But the strength at its peak will still determine its strength at its final landfall.
  6. Wow! Even tropical storm force winds extend no further than 90 mi from Delta's center! Hurricane force is only 40 mi from the eye. EDIT: Gilbert hit Cancun as Cat 5 in September 1988 & had a tiny eye too. I'm not saying that Delta will reach 185 mph with a 888 mb pressure, but there are obviously some similarities.
  7. Yeah. Several of my friends down there have trees on there homes. Ones mom lost 15 tall pine trees. Is this due to Sally being stronger than her recorded intensity? Or is all of the flooding rains just making trees that might've otherwise stayed up fall?
  8. Maybe Sally's strengthening shouldn't have come as much of a surprise as it did. Tropical systems often drop in pressure hours ahead of increased winds. I guess we underestimated her organization Tuesday afternoon/early evening. While she was entirely of a different animal, Katrina's pressure plunged the night before, then the windspeeds exploded overnight/early morning, jumping from 115 mph to 160 by daybreak, then further to 175 before noon that day. As an aside, I have friends in Foley & Lillian who had large trees fall on their houses. With up to 3' rain it'll be a while before crews can come out & survey their/the damage.
  9. TWC website shows Belleview, a little NW of Pensacola, had recorded 30" of rain 2 or so hours ago. And its rained more since then.
  10. Hurricane Danny produced 75 mph winds along the AL for approximately 24 hours. Needless to say this resulted in damage much worse than a typical basement-level hurricane. But, 75 v 105 is a substantial difference.
  11. The NHC does now say isolated pockets of up to 35" of rain. Let's just add an inch to make that an even 3'.
  12. OK TWC says Dauphin Island gusts now 80, mph Ft. Morgan 82, eyewall just south of coast.
  13. Dauphin Island recorded over 43" during Danny. Also, the pressure is now 13 MB lower than it was last night when the winds were 20 mph higher. Weird. Now the pressure is quite low for an 80 mph storm, opposite of last night.
  14. Mike Seidel says Dauphin Island & Fort Morgan have had 60+ mph winds.
  15. In July 1997, Hurricane Danny stalled over the mouth of Mobile Bay as a 75 mph storm. Dauphin Island just south of Mobile County, recorded over 43" of rain.