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march 1 event

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Tonight's event coming in colder on the mesos including the NAMs rap hdrps and hrrr. Hrrr is a sleet storm for extreme SE PA with the snow line NW at around my area in central Bucks. Curious if they continue to come in colder or trend warmer to the globals. The wide fresh snowpack currently being laid down cant hurt our chances to remain a tick colder. 

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There was one little last blob headed my way about an hour ago but it evaporated so my final for storm #1 was 2.90".  Cleared off the car and popped over to the supermarket and noticed the snow was about average consistency here - not really powdery nor heavy/wet but fortunately lightweight.  Wanted to get it off the car in case storm #2 ends up with enough rain in there to transform the almost 3" of snow into a concrete paste.

Currently 33 and mostly cloudy but with a broken deck and sun trying to come out. And boy is that March sun doing its work.  The snow is sloughing off of cars that haven't been cleared yet.

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March sun doing quite the damage to my 2" even through the clouds.  Will be completely gone in next few hours.  so much for the fresh snowpack....

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