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  1. this march 8 is friday not sunday. the sunday event yes is a warm storm i started this to talk about friday !
  2. im thinking mason dixon line will once again be ground 0 for anything that does fall... timing will be key but yeah no more than 1-4" as i see it however that system coming into CA last night was beastly just dont see how its nothing out east
  3. lets use this thread to talk about the march 8 event !!!!
  4. gonna be a lot of wasted flakes no matter what way you slice it
  5. im reviewing current radar down in WV and the precip output by hrdps and its almost spot on
  6. yeah that and the rap have not been all that impressed but when i see this its impresses me
  7. rgem has been showing this for past 36 hours however bouncing it around 18z sets up along mason dixon line and watching the current radar that seems about right
  8. lets start this with the 3/1 event. models playing catch up to nam/rgem/cmc blend
  9. i dunno about i95 for sunday into monday. i think if you take gfs move it 50-75 miles NW , euro move it 25-50 miles SE you get your axis of heaviest snow .. gotta smell the sleet to get the thump !
  10. decent hit coming to SCPA /NMD friday am thump snow looks like 2-5" the euro had this back on monday , lost it and now its back on 18z. the gem has been steady eddy with it along with nam/rgem combo. should be interesting as it comes overnight almost all sticks and ends morning rush hour, trafic might be a nightmare