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  1. Funny how being further east usually screws me over, this time it’s a boon. Still, I’ll take my ~6inches and not complain while my folks in N. Rhode Island probably get buried.
  2. SN+ in Parkville, temps holding steady at 27. Quickly approaching 3 inches.
  3. Funny, I'll be in Moncton, NB Spending a year in British Columbia starting this summer before building a house in NB. I'll be sure to pop in now and again and share some wicked Canadian weather!
  4. I've been paying close attention, since I'll be relocating to eastern New Brunswick. They just had a pretty impressive storm with 80km winds and over a foot of snow in 12 hours.
  5. Low of 18 in Parkville, even got a light dusting of snow overnight.
  6. I'll be living in north eastern New Brunswick (close to PEI and Nova Scotia) starting in late 2023. I am looking forward to the storms up there.
  7. 4.5 here in Northeast Baltimore. Went to bed around midnight and it hadn’t started yet. Woke up at 5 and it was already over. Came in hot and heavy!
  8. 39.6 / 19.5 in Parkville/NE Baltimore. Expectations are low, but my new blue heeler puppy doesn't seem to care how much snow falls, as long as it's there. Hoping this is the start of a good few weeks weather-wise. This will be my last winter in the Mid-Atlantic, as I'm immigrating to Canada later this year. I don't think I'll have many issues seeking out snow in the great white north next winter!
  9. I'm a couple miles east of you, and we have about 3 inches here.
  10. For Baltimore folks, there's a "cicada bot" in Wyman Park that posts soil temperatures and cicada obs several times a day: https://twitter.com/CicadaWp Soil temps in the shade still in the mid 50's, so might explain why they've been slow to emerge, though I've seen a few exoskeletons in my yard here in Parkville.
  11. 25.3 / 23 in Parkville, absolutely the biggest sleet pellets I've seen since 2007, mixed in with some mangled flakes here and there. It sounds like a torrential downpour outside.
  12. 40.1 / 27.7 in Parkville....WWA for 1-3 this morning upped to 2-5.
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