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  1. Decent enough juice there, as usual for the NAM. But enough cold? Now pull that 540mb about 50 miles to the SE and we're talking..
  2. No way that snow verifies on this side of the Blue Ridge right? Right? Surely it's just gonna pour rain all Christmas Eve and then become bitterly cold and dry. Mind you, a cold Christmas would be nice. Much nicer would be to have a couple inches of snow on the ground..
  3. Enjoying these reports by proxy. To y'alls south there is a dusting of sleet, a thickening glaze of ice on everything and current precip is ZR/IP/SN all together.
  4. Pretty nasty ZR out there down in Cville with IP mixed in. Glaze over all the railings and cars right now.
  5. Basically it's coming down pretty good everywhere except literally where I am. This is not a complaint. Not really. Just an observation. A few miles up the road it's a strong snow/sleet. In Culpeper everything is white. I haven't tested it outside but I fear a lot of ice..
  6. Friends up the road on Hydraulic say there's definite snow there. We're talking 4-5 miles between snow and sleet/ZR
  7. Man I don't know. I think it's gonna be sleet and ice all day. I would consider myself lucky if it becomes all rain actually. I do not like ice at all. Give me subzero temperatures and snow.. or even bare ground. I just don't like ice. Dangerous and I've got wife/kids to worry about.
  8. Just to your south. I can walk to the Mall in less than 10 minutes. Saw a few wet flakes in there for a moment and rates backed down. Not looking forward to the ice.
  9. Pingers definitely picking up some steam out there. Constant echoing of hitting the trees..
  10. Wet snowflakes apparently making their way as far south as Farmville.
  11. Look I'm just trying to get something good happening in 2020, that's all. And what's better than complaining about a storm.. AS IT'S HAPPENING? In all seriousness though, I'm glad to be on this side of the mountain. Less frozen precip but the Blue Ridge is going to be not just a skating rink but a luge track. Whatever happens this is the first decent storm to track in this area in more than a year, so that's fine with me. Part of the excitement.
  12. Seems like we are starting with a touch of sleet here in Charlottesville. Boy howdy we better get some dynamic cooling or it's gonna be nothing but IP and ZR.