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  1. Definitely a hefty mix now. 50/50 it seems
  2. Well it said 19F IMBY but it doesn’t feel like it. Not a breath of wind nor a cloud in the sky. Sleet still big mounds in the gym parking lot. Gorgeous now though I know it will get too warm for my liking later today and this week. Ah well. We had a good run this past week. Time to get after it.
  3. Given that the snow this year has been quickly attacked by the dreaded sun angle.. it’s been nice to sleet hold up. I’ve come around on that sleet bomb. It was ugly when it came down but now it’s done well.
  4. Aside from the days when it has snowed.. this is the best morning of the winter. Sleet is a glacier (though patchy), the ground is rock-solid frozen, everything is iced over and it’s sunny. 30F but also fairly windy. A quite fine day.
  5. GFS has gone from 18" in Charlotte to jackpotting Charlottesville in three runs. I assume this means the storm will be modeled to be in PA by tonight.
  6. We've had so much ice in CHO this year that I've almost burned through my first 50-lb bag of rock salt. Freezing drizzle here too.
  7. Went for not exactly a Jebwalk since it's sleet... but a lot of the secondary and tertiary roads in downtown CHO remain messy. Not anything someone with experience couldn't handle easily, but compacted sleet with a frozen ground makes for something that's really stubborn to get rid of. It's a ghost town here.
  8. Ah so we have found the REAL warm nose!
  9. But he's not been telling lies...
  10. Thank you. Though I think, especially for this year, @Warm Nose ought to be considered da real MVP.
  11. A foot and a half for Charlotte next Friday. Definitely going to happen.
  12. The weirdness of the roads helped make this event not fun or memorable.. but at least interesting. Even after repeated plowing/treatments even the main roads remind me of the Midwest. Persistent ice and compacted snow (in this case sleet) to drive on. A bit of a throwback for me in that regard... while at the same time seeing significant accumulating sleet for the first time.
  13. It sucks that so many are missing out on big snows.. but the silver lining is that this sleet event is pretty unique and it's probably cutting down ice totals.