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  1. Prior to the sleet it was definitely 4" Now it's compacted a bit and there's a little icy crust everywhere. Excellent conditions for sledding for my kids. They kind of sunk into the foot of powder we had in December
  2. CHO has been a grab bag of precip for the last couple hours. Prolly stays that way.
  3. Not logged on Sterling yet, but local mets say downtown Charlottesville at 4" as of 6am. Probably another 2" coming today. Right in line with the forecast. They really got this one right... especially given that we were expecting 2" and got a foot for the Dec. 9 storm.
  4. Gotta give a ton of credit to the local mets who called the lull/dry slotting here. Probably will be until overnight when it kicks back up. But supposed to dump in early AM.
  5. There's still 7 inches on the ground in the shade in a few places here...
  6. Official total from McCormick Observatory was 12.9" More snow yesterday than all of the last two years COMBINED in downtown Cville.
  7. Depends on where you are. Barracks Shopping center has a foot. Took me an hour to clear a path to my car and get it out. Local mets noted ratios were 20:1. Can definitely believe that. Was pure powder for hours.
  8. By the way, with that 8 inches... I've now exceeded ALL of last year's snowfall.
  9. A few measuring sticks courtesy of a local met. Can verify that it's definitely 7-8" here in Charlottesville. Major overperformer in our area.
  10. Dry air finally gave in here in Cville, just north of I 64. Lots of tiny flakes. That HP is giving ground, but not much so far. Took hours of virga to get to actual precip to the ground
  11. I'm sure it will get here but the air was QUITE dry yesterday. Pretty pleasant actually. This morning on the way to the gym it definitely "felt" like snow was coming. Still does. Plenty cold and the cloud deck is thick. Just have to saturate the air now.
  12. So... it's actually happening here in central VA?
  13. I know it's storm mode but yeah. While everyone was enjoying 3-6" of powder in November, I counted two flakes, six pingers and the rest was a cold rain...