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  1. All snow in Marion and 32 degrees. Sticking on trees and cars. Been that way since 1:30. Driving south of I-40, all snow until rain snow mix ten miles north of Lake Lure. 32 degrees here in Northwest Rutherford Mountains. Hoping for changeover to all snow soon.
  2. Two hours, one inch. Loved it just the same...
  3. Snowing steadily here north of Lake Lure. Beginning to stick on the deck. 33 degrees. Hooray
  4. Amazing what one inch of snow can do... This was at 5 p.m. with a 33 degree temperature. Check out this short video...
  5. Slowing up... but still falling...
  6. Began here north of Lake Lure over an hour ago. Very large flakes. Beginning to accumulate on trees and ground. 33 degrees, maybe lower. Finally.........................
  7. Lightning show at 35 degrees last evening from 6 to 10. Heavy rain on and off all night. Still raining and 39 degrees. Total since Tuesday afternoon, Over 4 inches. Total for two weeks, over 8 inches. Total since January 1st, 14 inches. The creeks are all full. Lake Lure Dam spillway is going full throttle into the Broad River.
  8. Freezing Rain along the Buncombe-Rutherford County line.
  9. Check out the ice storm along the mountains of eastern Buncombe County.
  10. Looks like 14 inches might be it. Big freeze tonight. I was surprised by by the gusty winds this morning and this afternoon. Looked like a blizzard at times. Very memorable event. Loved every minute of it. Perhaps more later??? Here was my house before daybreak. This will be my Christmas card photo.
  11. Very heavy snow and the wind is gusting to 25 mph. A mini-blizzard...
  12. Snowing heavily again. Over 10". Just remarkable beauty...
  13. Hammered. Looks like 8 to 10 inches. Everything stopped over an hour ago. Very strange.
  14. Heavy snow began at 11:15. Everything covered already. 31.5 degrees. No wind.