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  1. Driving home from work. Modetate snows from Bethlehem PA south to the Warren/Hunterdon Co. Border temps 32-33F. Roads slippery. Less than 1/4" accumulation on untreated surfaces.
  2. 4.5" at 31F starting tp eind down. Heavy stuff. Great for snowmen. Roads look snowpacked.
  3. Heavy sleet for the last 1/2 hour at 25F. Snow trying to mix back in. 3" combined.
  4. Snowing heavily in Western Hunterdon County. 1" approx 23F flakes are getting larger.
  5. What happened to the artic outbteak? All events have P-type issues. I feel robbed.
  6. I still would hear Alan Kasper on NJ 101.5 giving forecasts although I haven't listened to that station in a couple years
  7. 40 hours into this storm. Still snowing. Moderately in Western Hunterdon Co. 25F. Almost over, calling for another inch or two. Currently 17" on the ground. Its very packed. We did end up having several rounds of heavy sleet for extended times during the height of the storm. Total sleet accumulation near 2" this packed the pack fown good. Another anomaly was 8" of fluffy snow in between sleet rounds. That 8" fell in 2 hours yesterday aftetnoon. I haven't seen totals from my town but 20 to 23" total seems safe but its hard to tell. Very fun storm. One of my favorites.
  8. 10.5" at 27F Heavy sbow currently. We got 1" of pure sleet about 2 hours ago. It was sleeting so hard it was painful. Accumulating fast now. Western Hunterdon Co.
  9. Currently not precipitating. Just shoveled the driveway fpr round 1. Started to sleet heavily for 15 minutes then stopped doing anything. The AccuWeather Channel keeps saying only 6 more inches today for my area. Starting to worry about a bust low. 25F 6.5" calm winds in Western Hunterdon Co.
  10. 3.5" snowing moderately at 21F. 2 AM snowing lightly. 24F looks like 6 inches bit thats eyeball on the deck. Western Hunterdon Co.
  11. Man it made my day to relive 96 a bit. Although the 15' blizzard performed better for me accumulation wise 96 is still my favorite. Its not often you see S+ snow and 50 mph winds at 7F. I did that Sunday night. Those old Weather Channel graphics brought back some good memories.
  12. 24F snowing very hard. Less than 1/8mi visibility. 3" on the ground in western Hunterdon Co.
  13. Snow on snow before Cjristmas is pretty rare around here.
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