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  1. Going to come down to the mesoscale models vs the globals.
  2. Verbatim, the 00z EURO also depicts a pretty significant freezing rain threat for parts of Central Indiana and Western/Central Ohio.
  3. Key West radar is still transmitting data, just not super res. Switch to legacy reflectivity and you'll still have radar data.
  4. NWS Miami LSR: A wind gust of 75 mph was recorded at the Miami International Airport South Terminal Site.
  5. Moderate risk forthcoming for parts of the Ohio Valley.
  6. Very ominous 12z run of the HRRR ensemble and tornado probabilities: https://rapidrefresh.noaa.gov/hrrr/hrrrtle/displayMapLocalDiskDateDomainZipTZA.cgi?keys=hrrr_tle_jet:&runtime=2017022812&plot_type=alltornado&fcst=00&time_inc=60&num_times=25&model=hrrr&ptitle=HRRR Time-Lagged Ensemble - Experimental&maxFcstLen=24&fcstStrLen=-1&domain=full&adtfn=1&threshold=&attfn=-1&wjet=0
  7. Nothing like a surprise morning tornado warning for the East side of Indianapolis.
  8. LOT definitely seems off tonight - not sure what's going on with them.
  9. Last I saw they were asking for people on Twitter for pictures of the tornado. Not sure why they are having a problem issuing one.
  10. Have to wonder if the SPC isn't considering/hedging towards a possible upgrade to high risk across Northeastern Illinois and parts of Northwestern and Northern/Central Indiana.
  11. Lafayette now reporting heavy snow with visibility at 1/4 of a mile and winds gusting to 40 mph.
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