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  1. All time October lows may be broken in Minnesota next week with December weather.
  2. Thankfully the fall colors came early this year and most of the leaves are gone. Already lost a couple inches today with mid 30s and drizzle. Tomorrow looks like heavier rain south of the Twin Cities so there might be a small area that keeps it on the north side.
  3. Thursday storm has been trending south. Still rain for me but Twin Cities snow chances increasing.
  4. Measured 6.6''' as the snow is coming to an end here.
  5. Twin cities getting hammer. I'm south a bit and have about 6''.
  6. Probably once or twice. Looks like they will break the record for largest snowfall this early in the season. October snow facts Twin Cities: Largest Daily Snowfall Totals, October Rank Date Amount (inches) 1 October 31, 1991 8.2 2 October 29, 1905 5.5 3 October 20, 1916 3.0
  7. Looks like a snowy end to the month possible in the upper midwest
  8. Yeah but Pensacola is now getting it bad.
  9. HWRF having it as a tropical storm around Miami. Then almost Cat3 near Pensacola.
  10. The only Tropical system from the gulf I can find that has impacted Minnesota is Hurricane Alicia in 1983. Sometimes we get remnants from pacific storms.
  11. A bit out but the models have snow next Thursday night into Friday here in southern Minnesota. A early winter?
  12. Pacific becoming active. GFS has a Fujiwhara effect happening.
  13. I switched out the sounding in the opening post for you to look at.