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  1. The only Tropical system from the gulf I can find that has impacted Minnesota is Hurricane Alicia in 1983. Sometimes we get remnants from pacific storms.
  2. A bit out but the models have snow next Thursday night into Friday here in southern Minnesota. A early winter?
  3. Pacific becoming active. GFS has a Fujiwhara effect happening.
  4. I switched out the sounding in the opening post for you to look at.
  5. Can you explain? Is it the the red bars on the left? There's soundings within a few miles without them but everything else about the same. Some things on soundings I'm still learning about.
  6. A few active days here late in the season. Mostly wind event but tornadoes are possible. Tomorrow looks interesting imo. Warm sector setup with strong shear. Tomorrow: Southern MN:
  7. A couple of active days late in the season.
  8. Hurricane hunters are heading back to base. Are there going to be anymore flights tonight?
  9. Now it looks like on satellite it's not moving anymore.
  10. HMON has it going WNW from the start. Satellite is showing straight west. Concerning.
  11. I would have expected them to increase it to at least 155 mph.
  12. New Hmon run is stalling over the Abaco Islands for at least a day.