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  1. No where to go but up… I mean as in temperatures, 70’s are a breath away.
  2. My wife had a little reward for me after walking the dog…up to a balmy 17. Merry Christmas everyone! Cherish this non Florida iteration of Christmas!
  3. Any news from @IronTy? I don’t even want to walk the dog in this weather, let alone camp in it.
  4. 9 for the low. The worst part is the lack of humidity, between the dry air and central heat. Getting over a cold too. Sinuses are so painful I want to cry, but can’t.
  5. Snow and graupel in the lowlands! It’s a Christmas miracle!
  6. Have you informed your next of kin? Seriously….
  7. Cold and wind, we do it so well in winter. Can’t wait for my wind advisory!
  8. It’s got .1 over DCA!!!! Where is the ‘It’s Happening’ gif
  9. I see many are in the bargaining and denial phases…don’t worry acceptance is liberating.
  10. You’ll fit in just fine here, just don’t ask “how much for Philly!”
  11. Brave! If you came for therapy, check out the Panic Room….anyways….
  12. I thought that is what the panic room was…
  13. Wash, rinse, repeat until we score, or 2024…
  14. Should someone open the long range January 2023 thread? I mean since we all seem to be into weather S&M
  15. I can’t believe it took this long to open the 2022-2023 Panic Room! Usually it opens in October!
  16. Hmmm, sh!t just got real with you back in the USA…you aren’t allowed to go anywhere until April!
  17. I don’t know, once you get a taste of the good stuff…just makes you want more….plus there is JI, who always wants more better. I think he was complaining 2nd half of Feb 2010…meanwhile I was hiring folks to shovel off my flat roof from 3ft of snow.
  18. And rates, if you don’t have 5”/hr rates it will never accumulate on the roads!
  19. That’s amazing, usually it’s drip drip drip after big ones…
  20. One heck of a wet system, 1.28” of rain so far. As a miserable A F day as I can remember.
  21. Or behind runway 1/19 at Reagan National!
  22. Wet Bulb at 33.1….patiently awaiting my 33 and rain! In the meantime, Drinks!
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