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  1. …for flip flop season? Please be yes!
  2. The long range threats this year have all been the same, 14 day pattern looks good, day 10 looks amazing with KU inbound, day 9 everyt op goes to shit but the ensembles will save use, day 8 temps in the 60’s and whatever storm there is cuts to Minneapolis while we enjoy 3 minutes of sleet then rain. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
  3. If it ain’t a triple phaser, storm of the century, 1993 redux then I ain’t interested at this point. Anything else in March except sunny and 60s-70s is just misery.
  4. Yeah, enjoy the moment. Glorious afternoon….I am over watching for snow. High of 62 today, super nice!
  5. A few Massive parachutes now. Let’s see what happens
  6. Loud snow, probably graupel, couple bigger flakes mixing in Now and then. 37.7.
  7. Here it comes! Just got it on the smoker before deluge pt2. Pellet smoker with a remote temp probe so not much more to do. Though I do like sitting outside drinking when smoking…makes me think I am actually doing something!
  8. What idiot agreed to smoke ribs for Super Bowl today…oh that would be me….38 and pouring rain.
  9. Best investment I ever made was the pool, installed 2013. Worst…snowblower after winter of 2010…I thought we were going to be a snow town!
  10. Rooting for @LittleVillageWxI think you got this!
  11. Had my pool people come out and do the winter clean and prep today! Cant believe it’s only 3 months until we open her up for summer 2023! Bring it!
  12. How do I order more days like today? Screw the rest of winter, I will take 65 and sunny until April! Then it can be 75 and sunny!
  13. We haven’t been able to do easy or hard, maybe we can score with ‘exotic’. I mean why the fuck not!
  14. Cool! Keep it! But you only need this much of it nowadays.
  15. Some one fix it to.....Late February 2024 will be rocking. February Long range Discussion thread
  16. Who ever opens the next long range thread, can I suggest it be called …. The SER Strikes Back
  17. Ugh not liking the overnight trends. GEFS still looks good for nada though. Still plenty of time for the models to adjust to us smoking cirrus. Not happy about it getting cold though next week, 60s delayed but not denied! Gonna be super pissed if it snows, still don’t have a snow shovel after I broke it.
  18. The vort was way less robust in the SW early, compared to previous runs.
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