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  1. Love that place! Was there in an igloo last year! Enjoy!
  2. I need a cigarette after the last 5 minutes of this thread…19, dp7, wet Bulb 16.7. time for boozy coffee with this stuff, love it!
  3. The probability it will snow tomorrow…current conditions, dark.
  4. DT refuses to cave….LOL, guess he didn’t see the gfs
  5. Skiing resort itself is meh, I recommend the spring fed pool and hot tub while it’s snowing. They will likely be a jackpot in Va.
  6. And it only the second week of January!
  7. Too bad they both couldn’t lose! Sick of both of them!
  8. I see the ‘HOT’ tag on this topic and am thinking a Miller A must be inbound for next week…nope instead a bunch of old dudes talking about how they would get their weather porn from calling 976 numbers back in the 80’s. since I am an old dude, I did that stuff to, plus would watch the weather channel Day’s Inn 5 day forecast at 20 after the hour. And the AM weather on PBS, lol, I didn’t even know that was a thing until I was in met school in 1991 taking General Meteorology at the university of Northern Colorado. Our prof would make everyone in the class watch am weather every day we had class, we had to make a weather map on an overhead sheet and then give the 48 hour forecast for Norhteast Colorado. He would randomly call on a student every day to give the forecast. Good times that was, getting up at 6am as a freshman for a MWF class to catch that show not so much. When I got called up, it was easiest forecast ever, sunny hi 52, low 43, repeat for the next day.
  9. Seems everyone in the forum is happy this week! Congrats everyone! 2.5” of fresh powder here in Ft. Hunt, Va this morning. It was a beautiful falling snow, at least when I woke up at 3am, too bad it wasn’t during the daytime. On to the next one, may it be a Miller A hecs!
  10. Rippage as that low lander death band sets up. Let’s see how long it can last…
  11. @clskinsfan I got the tempest weatherflow. Great device, haptic rain gauge, sonic wind sensor, lightening detector, solar powered. Very happy with it…until it broke. I probably mounted it bad, big gust of wind around thanksgiving and it fell on my drive way! The great news is that I called customer service, they tried to help me fix it, but it was beyond repair. After repairs failed, they sent me a new unit, for free!!! Talk about great customer service! Extremely happy with the unit and the company. I think the unit cost Is around $350.
  12. Opm is on a 3 hour delay, guess the models are too
  13. 10” here in fort hunt, va. This sh!t is heavy.
  14. 8 inches! Can we make a run at 10? Ft. hunt area of Fairfax county!
  15. As of 1053, 7inches. Impressive considering snow didn’t start accumulating until 7am.
  16. They will get theirs at some point…while we enjoy our 33 and rain. But right now this is awesome for us lowlanders!
  17. 1.5 inches in 30 minutes. Total up to 5.5 now. Insane!
  18. Wow, about as much visibility as 2016 storm. Can barely make out the house across the street!
  19. I told Y’all I would bring winter back with me from Montana. Mission accomplished.
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