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  1. Let’s keep things in perspective….we aren’t in full panic mode like 9/10 Decembers where we are wondering if we will need our AC on Christmas Eve! The possibility that we actually have possibilities of real winter is positively refreshing!
  2. Avatar was released December 18, 2009…we all know what happened on December 19, Mappy got married. The new Avatar will be released on December 16, 2022…just saying.
  3. I saw this one at a cidery in northern Virginia last Saturday ….we had a great conversation (granted I had hit 2 wineries and I was on my 5th hard cider), but mr. wooly worm said expect 2009-2010 again!
  4. 27.7 this am, coldest of the season. Has DCA hot 32 yet ?
  5. I know not on topic, but!!!! Check out the game on espnU, western Michigan vs central Michigan…awesome snow globe game! Wednesday MACtion!
  6. Check out the game on espnU, western Michigan vs central Michigan…awesome snow globe game! Wednesday MACtion!
  7. BWI: 10.5” DCA: 9” IAD: 13.5” RIC: 5.5” Tiebreaker: sby: 3.8”
  8. Interesting contrail, don’t think I have every seen anything like this…pretty cool.
  9. .93” of rain, max wind gust 19.9 mph. Grass should turn back green, at least for a while.
  10. Yea! Sure sign we are leaving summer behind… BWI: 11/29 IAD: 11/8 DCA: 12/2 RIC: 11/9 Peak Oct temp at DCA: as the great Lee Corso once said..”ah F*ck it” 90!
  11. First sub 50 low for the season…49.6
  12. Pretty sure we hit 90 + in October, and don’t forget July in December around Christmas!
  13. Interesting radar, showers moving east and west, I expect a black hole to open up when they collide. 2.37” for this event. Grass is living it!
  14. As long as the beer is cold, nothing else matters!
  15. Nice shot! Doing the same here! Nice show to the north! Lightening, lightening bugs, bats and a pretty sweet crescent moon.
  16. 1.31” since yesterday. Not bad, the grass will live another day or 2
  17. Outside a tropical system, I can’t really recall a straight north to south storm movement scenario in the past like we are seeing today…very unique
  18. Firehose treatment for the heart of dc and straight down the Potomac…glad I didn’t water the grass today.
  19. We put a down payment on Friday! I got a bad feeling about this Summer…
  20. Hard to recall a better June morning. 55 slight breeze and the sky is painfully blue. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there. My son picked an awesome day for his gift to me…he is pulling weeds. Lucky he doesn't have Friday’s weather!
  21. Currently 97.9, high for the day, at least DP dropping. Hot wind!
  22. Spent the morning walking the dog and watering grass and plants…pretty gross, 90, with a DP of 76, ick, heat index just cracked 100 here. Now it’s pool maintenance time…well watching the robot do the hard work. Just another 48 minutes until I feel ok cracking a beer.
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