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  1. We haven’t been able to do easy or hard, maybe we can score with ‘exotic’. I mean why the fuck not!
  2. Cool! Keep it! But you only need this much of it nowadays.
  3. Some one fix it to.....Late February 2024 will be rocking. February Long range Discussion thread
  4. Who ever opens the next long range thread, can I suggest it be called …. The SER Strikes Back
  5. Ugh not liking the overnight trends. GEFS still looks good for nada though. Still plenty of time for the models to adjust to us smoking cirrus. Not happy about it getting cold though next week, 60s delayed but not denied! Gonna be super pissed if it snows, still don’t have a snow shovel after I broke it.
  6. The vort was way less robust in the SW early, compared to previous runs.
  7. Hahaha, maybe storm tracker has a higher resolution screen that actually shows a couple pixels of blue over DC
  8. Wave one looks toast…happy hour delivering 0.0 so far
  9. How about threads for whenever it’s going to rain, or for sunny and warm! My favorite is threads for cold and windy! This could be a full time job for someone! …I am not volunteering, I have a full time job, plus I got to get the pool ready for summer, aka late February!
  10. The trends at 12z were good! Just a couple adjustments and the first little wave will peter out to the south and the next one is poised to cut to Cincinnati! So close to no snow! Let’s see what happy hour brings!
  11. I can’t believe the gfs shows snow. What a disaster! #springdenied! On to 12Z. Come on SER, flex to Cleveland!
  12. I have never been a warmanista…but f it, people change! Let’s burn this mother fucking winter down! Bring on that Bermuda High! I want dandelions in my yard and I want them now! I am opening my pool March 1! Why? because it’s gonna be hot!
  13. Amen, has it ever been 80 in February. If not I would like to give that shot!
  14. It’s time for a change of perspective…I am now rooting for a shut out! Yes 0.0 in of snow, F it I don’t even want a trace. It would be historic, maybe once in a lifetime, and the GFS runs are money. Happy hour GFS run is awesome today! Just need to work on that track for next Tuesday and we will get nothing! After that hopefully everything cuts to Bismarck, ND!
  15. Yeah there is….70’s. Daffodils are popping in my yard, earliest I can recall.
  16. Livin on the edge…I broke my snow shovel while cleaning out the garage in August and never replaced it, so it’s not me either.
  17. So far so good, I haven’t seen any snow, obviously the atmosphere is remembering to not give us snow….I am being sarcastic, btw.
  18. Um, ever hear of atmospheric memory. Sure, The we are do index is high, but so is the we are F’d index.
  19. You just jinxed it with the cowboy kicker reference. The goal post could be as wide as the universe and he would miss it!
  20. See the trough from Hawaii to off San Diego, under the ridge, That’s it.
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