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  1. I noticed a little brown out yesterday. Today’s outage was definitely branch down…happens all the time on fort hunt road…ironically our lines are underground but a fed from the lines on fort hunt
  2. Luckily it came back around 6…now gotta cool the house before the storms roll in
  3. Nice breeze today…just enough to knock a branch onto a power line and take out the power to the neighborhood. Ok weather gods what have I done to piss you off! Whatever it is, I am sorry, truly very very sorry….currently 96 outside and 81 inside….
  4. Good god. 102 again today! HI 114!
  5. 101. HI 118! Can I hit 120?!
  6. 100. Second of the season, HI 115!!!!
  7. 94 DP 79! HI 112! Gross!
  8. Brief shower, complete steam bath now. 91, DP 84 after the shower, HI 114! I earned my cold beer with my 20ft walk with the trash cans!
  9. Brief shower, complete steam bath now. 91, DP 84 after the shower, HI 114!
  10. 99 with HI of 113, gross.
  11. I have a tempest. Great compact little system, it enhanced by AI, has a haptic rain gauge and sonic anemometer. I used to have a Davis vantage pro II, solid device but I like the compact tempest better. Great customer service with the tempest! See the tempest netork mapped below, I am the station called emerald, station just north of Fort Hunt https://tempestwx.com/map/40.7128/-74.0059/12 https://business.tempest.earth/tempestone-weather-system?gad_source=1&gbraid=0AAAAADhFFvFRz6prUk09vFs9ZWbSuOONG&gclid=CjwKCAjw4f6zBhBVEiwATEHFVqcD-NGun69UVtWbsqTCHJZ4Q_rhXxKttRjlKP6TGdjV6mmGGLZG8xoCvzMQAvD_BwE
  12. Yeah, definitely a pretty good down burst. Highest gust on my weather station that night was 10mph, but my weather station is terribly sighted for wind. Couple of 4-5 inch branches in the hood were broken so pretty legit storm. Just can’t believe the paltry rainfall…
  13. Oh wow, we missed all that fun down here! Did it get super windy? Or just bad luck, dead limb decided to finally go and hit just the right spot to send you back to 1852? Power back?
  14. Damage Report from last night’s storm 1. Umbrella gone, just gone 2. Skimmer baskets full of leaves, pool bottom covered in leaves (about a dozen), pool robot is going to earn its pay today! 3. .44” of rain, so close to massive flooding, if we would have 15x that we would have had massive issues, dodged a huge bullet…though grass continues its slow march to desertification. all told, not to bad…we will rebuild, better and stronger!
  15. Arghh. Looks like crap. Round 2 better produce….off to water flowers
  16. 96, I can hear Thunder in the distance, radar looking good…come on baby, I don’t want to water the flowers today!
  17. Yeah, our kid is 15 now so no need to go to those 5 hour b meets, we drop him off and pick him up now…at the stage where it’s not cool to have your parents there…fine by me. And his age group is packed with talent this year so no A meets so far, last Saturday they started the A meet at 7:30, that was a 5:00 am wake up call…no thanks!
  18. Ahh the relay carnival. So fun! So sad to miss it this year… ok that's a lie. And they always seem to be plagued by storms for some reason. My horror story from a couple of years ago…hot clear day with some way off Thunder heads building. Someone claims to hear Thunder, check the radar, nothing within 60 miles, check the old lightening array, nada. 45 minute delay….we get back, warmups start, Thunder storms now moving closer. I for sure now hear thunder soft roll, apparently I am the only one. Another one, still no call…then one unmistakable boom and everyone starts to scatter. That’s was it, last Thunder another 45 minute delay and back to the race. Never even rained.
  19. 102…HI of 115. Surely the hottest since 2012!
  20. 101.5, HI 113 hit the local Custard Shack, actually called ‘Custard Shack’ Place was deserted, guess we are the only fools that wanted Ice Cream.
  21. I just saw a cloud pop up over the river…didn’t last long
  22. I have a tempest! Love it. Great customer service. It blew off the pole and landed on concrete and broke. They replaced it for free!
  23. Just got a lightening detection, 21-23 miles away! Sure enough, something popped near great falls. 99 now, feels like 110
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