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  1. Light flurries…er I mean sprinkles have started. Barometer 30.162 and falling, breezes out of the ne 7-11mph. Temp 66.6, yikes.
  2. After gloomy afternoon the sky just lit up on fire!
  3. I am thinking you replace tropical rum with some mid latitude vodka, maybe continental grain alcohol…but keep the passion fruit because it still has some tropical characteristics.
  4. Nice! I love Southern Tier! Mrs. GATECH has gone pumpkin spicearific…she ran to Trader Joe’s and got everything pumpkin spice…it’s a phase that shall pass in a week or so…I even found her a pumpkin spice bourbon old fashioned which I shall conjour up for her tomorrow.
  5. Well by the time it gets here, we will be drinking extra-Tropical Cyclones….working on the recipe now!
  6. So what are people drinking tonight. I am experimenting with some new fall bourbon cocktails. I need a signature cocktail for thanksgiving and figured this would be a good weekend to practice. Anyone have any favorites?
  7. Isabel was an unwinding former high end cat 4 or maybe a 5, lots more kinetic energy built up than Ophelia will have. Also, its forward speed started to really book at landfall, which I think led to a short period (8hrs) of strong winds. Rain wasn’t an issue in the metro really, but there was terrible surge in the bay and up the Potomac. Annapolis and Alexandria were hit hard. The area of Belle haven and Huntington south of old town were were both severely flooded by surge. All the bridges on the mount vernon trail were damaged or destroyed (in fact they are replacing them this year), so the seem to last 20 years. I Iived in the fort hunt area then and now, we were without power for 5 days during Isabelle. I don’t think Ophelia will be anywhere as impactful.
  8. 99.7 for a high, tied for highest temp in last 3 years. Oh and the AC broke….we are doomed. Michael and Son better CAN fix it!
  9. 99.5 for the high today. So close.
  10. Must have been after the afternoon Emirates A380 took off for Abu Dhabi.
  11. 98.1 yesterday for a high, 97.3 today. Altocumulus rolling in so that should be the high for today
  12. Sunset was pretty good, pic doesn’t do it justice, the whole sky turned pink.
  13. 96…so much for not reaching the mid 90s today
  14. Was shocked I picked up another .41” last night. 6.95 for the month of July
  15. Good news, tomatoes and basil are safe! Stood them back up, seem to be no worse for the wear! Seems millions of years evolution have prepared them for summertime thunderstorms! Update on total rain, 1.03”
  16. Great job to the National Weather Service Today! Your forecast and warnings were spot on. My forecast from this AM called for storms between 5-6pm today, we got walloped at 5:30 on the dot. Watches and warnings also were perfect. Severe thunderstorm warning gave me 25 minutes of heads up to batten down the hatches and prepare. Severe thunderstorm warning easily verified, numerous large branches and trees down in the hood. Great work today!
  17. .81” in the storm. Rain was blinding. Bumper crop of basil and tomatoes have been laid flat. Most intense storm here in a couple years.
  18. Also, weird, temp just spiked to 98.2, high for the day, but HI is 119! Worst HI of this ‘heat wave’
  19. Loudest storms I can remember, 15-20 miles away and I hear constant rumble under still sunny skies. Nice mamatus clouds under the anvil to my north.
  20. 2:30pm. Temp 98.1, HI 115! dp 79.3! Brutal.
  21. Temp 93.3, HI of 109, dp 77.7=Ugly.
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