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  1. Friend from down near Effingham, IL sent this pic from this morning.
  2. Some tree damage in West Kankakee from the storms earlier.
  3. Caplan FB says confirmed touchdown in Naperville this morning.
  4. Hahaha. Yes. Guess the sirens went off locally. NWS issued a SWS for land spouts right after.
  5. Friend of mine took this pic about 30 minutes ago just west of German Valley, Illinois.
  6. Blowing and drifting pretty bad in the country.
  7. Any idea how much you have now? Tough to measure by me because of the drifting.
  8. Just over 5 some inches here so far. Lots of blowing and drifting. Should get in on southern end of death band shortly. Though less snow, this storm seemed more enjoyable than GHDIII.
  9. Jeb would be jealous. Haha Downtown cam definitely verifies your observations.
  10. Lightning strike by Quincy bout 10 minutes ago. Ripping good here now.
  11. Pretty much all snow here now at my house
  12. They were at 67 degrees yesterday afternoon. Still reporting 1/4 mile visibility.
  13. Pretty decent jump southeast on the 6z Nam.
  14. Guesstimating we ended up around 10 inches or so. Hit the low end of forecast. No complaints here.
  15. Little over 9 inches of snow here. Still snowing though radar returns aren’t showing much. Blowing and drifting some.
  16. 7 inches here now. Heaviest snow currently. Little over an inch the last hour.
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