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  1. Guesstimate about 1.5” or so here.
  2. Rain, snow and sleet mixture here after the initial heavy snow burst.
  3. It’s still 35 here but sticking pretty good.
  4. Yup. They are absolutely terrible. Guarantee most wait until the snow has completed stopped until they measure. Probably measuring under a porch or something. Lol.
  5. Pic from last night. Cool how bright it was out from the snow.
  6. How much you end up with? I’m sure metro wastewater will say 3 inches. Lol.
  7. Yes they do!! Cute kid. I lost some of my pics from my son playing in the snow, sucks, actually think the ex took them to spite me. Haha.
  8. Driving north on 57 and rain snow line was just north of Peotone . Heavy snow at 57 and route 30
  9. Definitely. Looks like some better returns about to swing through shortly.
  10. Just started snowing here. It’s been all snow with some nice flake size.
  11. Plumes down to 5.6” here. Nice group between 6-8 but also a nice group between 4-6. Lol. I’ll go 6” here. We definitely overdue.
  12. So your saying Accuweather’s forecast of 8-12 in our area is wrong? Haha. More than likely the typical last minute nudge north will screw us. Still thinking we get a few inches as things look now. That I-80 snow barrier is a killer. Lol
  13. Last few bands were all snow here. Maybe around an inch total.
  14. Last band that just came through was mostly sleet and freezing rain.
  15. Same here. It’s actually blowing pretty good considering it was supposed to be a wet snow. Another lull before the stuff down by Paxton comes thru later.
  16. Spitting snow here. NWS knocked us down to 1-2 with .10- .20 of crappy ice. Good luck up north.
  17. I was sucked in for a second. We can always hope for the dry slot to cut down rain totals. haha
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