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  1. I’m thinking you meant December of 2000? December 01 stunk snow wise. Overall I agree with your statement. I remember plenty of boring stretches of winter weather, especially 90s and early 2000s.
  2. It wasn’t the heaviest rates but the duration of accumulating snow was 54 hours at Chicago. I remember the snow was behind schedule because of the slow movement, so like a true weenie with no patience, I drove about 30 miles south so I could see it snow. Hahaha.
  3. Haha. No it isn’t. I do hear a little dripping from the ice. Very slow melt. Quite a bit to go though.
  4. Read that too. Definitely not even close to melting. Just took this pic.
  5. Wind gusts to 30 mph tomorrow with the ice too won’t help matters.
  6. All finished here. Guessing around 1.5”. I’ll take it all things considered. Correction, right at 2” Josh pic
  7. Looks like a good band heading up your way. Edge of it went through here and it was S+ for lil bit.
  8. Nice band of heavy snow heading toward Chicago metro between 55 and 57
  9. Started snowing here in Kankakee about 20 minutes ago. Moderate snow now.
  10. That sucks but I can relate. At this point, I’ll take an inch of snow and root for the fellas up north. Nothing worse than being in the Chicago media market watching coverage of a snowstorm 50 miles northwest of you. Unfortunately, you get used to it after awhile.
  11. Definitely. Even Jerry Taft was somewhat onboard. Lol. The weird thing I remember the day before the storm, was the crazy amount of Geese flying south all day. Never seen anything like that to this day. Even they knew it was coming.
  12. This year’s .7 is the exact same amount as 1998. Be nice for a 1999 redo. I remember the 99 blizzard was forecast for a week ahead.
  13. Me and 3 coworkers all tested positive for the antibodies (we all caught COVID a month ago). We donated blood to The Red Cross last Friday and they automatically test for the antibodies. Took a week for test results to come back. So now we signed up to donate our plasma in 50 days. Make a few bucks doing it too.
  14. 55 MPH gust at IKK last hour, impressive. At least whatever leaves I had left in the yard are gone.
  15. Unfortunate but it happens. Like I said earlier, I was “fortunate” my symptoms were mild, as were my 9 other coworkers who contracted it. 3 of them were over 50 with preexisting conditions but still had mild symptoms. All of us have pretty much fully recovered, thank goodness.
  16. Lol. Just stating the facts. Haha. I’m guessing it did because we’ve all pretty much have fully recovered. All had mild symptoms. Thanks
  17. Everyone was wearing masks that I’m aware of. I definitely was.
  18. I tested positive for Covid last Friday after becoming symptomatic on Wednesday. I was exposed at work by a stupid coworker who came to work sick last Monday. He tested positive Wednesday, then 3 other coworkers did. I started with a slight cough for 2 days, then lightheaded, chills and low grade fever for a few days. All have since resolved themselves besides some fatigue. The other workers who caught it all had similar symptoms. I’m in my mid 40s and in good shape/health. To be honest, it wasn’t that bad at all. Pretty lucky.
  19. Was up in Traverse City this weekend, quiet the contrast in Saturday and Sunday.
  20. Video of downstate tornado yesterday by Andrew Pritchard.
  21. Took this pic of tornado warned cell west of Gilman, Illinois about 30 minutes ago.
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