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  1. I too voted for Abbott and I voted against Turner. I agree Turner was right here. No metro-wide evac should have been called. But I'd like to see a system put in place in the future to delineate areas of the metro most at risk for flooding from heavy rainfall and develop an evacuation plan for them, much like the one we have now for storm surge.
  2. rain may be easing up some over the catchment areas for the reservoirs
  3. Yep, it's lightened up here in south Houston noticeably and even more out west. Brays has just topped its banks at main st. but only barely and isn't flooding anyone who did not already flood. Looks like the worst axis of rainfall may set up east of Houston for the night. I'm worried about areas like Dickinson and neighboring areas most
  4. just went over 30.5" storm total at my house. getting creamed now. looks like an awful night with no breaks to drain. i'll be shocked if brays doesn't exceed its banks along here again
  5. also, KHOU stated yesterday that the only people that died in Allison did so in their cars. everyone who stayed home survived. i'm sure that knowledge combined with the massive loss of life during the rita evacuations played strongly into this decision
  6. brays now going back up too. never got more than like 7' below the banks
  7. mandatory evac for dickinson now, pop. 20,000... not sure how they are gonna get the rest of the people out
  8. much, much windier here now. easily sustained 30s/gusting to 40s here. just lost a large tree in front of our house (that never came down during past severe t-storms, etc.). neighbor's transformer just blew. storm total 25.6" and climbing.
  9. I imagine they would try to use Kyle Field first, but College Station has gotten 10"+ and still has plenty on the way
  10. mandatory evacs issued along the brazos in waller county mayor's office asking for mental health staff come ASAP to the convention center
  11. yeah, i'm worried about them. and the more rural communities northeast of houston who may not be getting as much attention
  12. on day 4 now, still raining here, storm total here now 24.68" with probably 10-20" left to go. doesn't matter how many times i've seen it, images like this are still hard to believe
  13. and fort bend does not include other large communities like bay city (18k) that are being evacuated... we probably have well over 100k that have been placed on mandatory evacs over the last 12-24hrs and the roads are still a mess with continued rain. gonna be tough getting these people out and to shelters with everything at a standstill
  14. judge hebert announcing that 80,000 residents in fort bend county alone are now under mandatory evacuation orders
  15. yes thank god we finally got it back within its banks an hour or two ago at main st. raining heavily again now but looks to not be at quite as high a rate as the bands the last two nights. hopefully brays can keep up--buffalo and the rivers may not be so lucky