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  1. on this animation, looks way west than projected http://rammb.cira.colostate.edu/ramsdis/online/loop.asp?data_folder=tropical/tropical_ge_1km_center_relative_vis_floater&width=640&height=480&number_of_images_to_display=12
  2. another hurricane for Florida area incoming. Interesting.
  3. here we go again... hurricane hyper-activity. too much of this, and we'll be too drained out to even care about nor'easters .
  4. It's funny how time changes things. 2 years ago I was certain climate change was occurring. now, i'm nearly certain Geo-engineering is occurring and being kept 'low-key'. too much evidence, and the gov has already admitted cloud seeding is real. whether it's being done deliberate or unknowingly. Just the amount of water vapor power plants feed into the atmosphere on a daily basis is astonishing....and never talked about. Our atmosphere is permanently messed up, ty humans. time to find another planet to screw up. money and power is turning the planet into a cesspool. oh btw, Houston is the only democratic county in Texas if people didn't know. All these billions of dollars in aid, (paid by taxpayers) help the local area's 'rebuilding' economy. Including Home Depot, Lowes, etc. When Home Depot hears the word hurricane strike, their eyes light up.
  5. footage of the dam leak
  6. 5+ more days of sitting and spinning. Winds are bound to spread out further than they currently are . Which means landfall isn't even required to have hurricane conditions along the coast.
  7. 1st one is rescue of people on capsized boat 2nd one looks like flooding to the roofs...in Dominican Republic ? they've barely gotten any media coverage yet
  8. emotional interview from prime minister of Dominica...he started crying on couple occasions - like around 13:00 minute mark
  9. the high stress environment in big cities is a trigger as well, you're right there. The increased noise 24/7 , increased stress and stressed-out people (just from seeing them) , increased traffic , increased environmental pollution , but also increased wireless pollution as well. Many reasons why city life is bad, did I forget to mention increased cancer rates as well ? Doctors in the City will make it seem like it's normal to hand out meds to combat the extra stress...but it's only damaging the body even more. Heck , now their prescribing meds for side-effects your having to other prescription meds. The medical industry is out of control. I saw a commercial the other day for taking another med, just for people having constipation to opiates. are u kidding me? when was this new medical disorder discovered...? yesterday. If your on opiates in the first place, you shouldnt be taking them...and no more constipation. but no problem if you are, medical industry has more meds for you.. I've done the same like you regarding sleep , and have also noticed the same. It's good that you can adapt to both as well. Many people cannot, they move out here...but then realize they miss all the craziness and crazy stressed out people of city life...so they move back to the city. This is one big aspect people need to mentally prepare for if they decide to move to a more rural area. It took me a couple years as well, to get used to all the calm. But once you accept it and realize it's benefits, you'll only wanna visit back to city life occasionally.
  10. they've done numerous studies , that the most common side-effect they've noticed from excessive Wifi / RF exposure is ADHD and sleeplessness . People have developed sleep disorders more from year 2000+ than ever in the past. Even though most people don't actually 'feel' anything...it causes our brains to be slightly more in an alert state...24 hours a day. Than if no wifi / rf exposure. The studies even showed that their ADHD , sleeplessness , panic / anxiety symptoms disappeared when all forms of Wifi / RF / GPS , etc were eliminated. Good luck trying to find that anywhere in the U.S. though. The studies were done in europe. If Wifi can travel through houses, it can easily pass through our bodies and brains as well. RF is the harder one to eliminate, since most lights and household electrical devices emit them. The reason it's almost impossible to confirm any of these 'wireless' transmissions cause any long term damage, because it's almost impossible to measure. The only way to do the studies, were to eliminate them completely and put these people in a caveman'ish environment. the wireless emissions cause very low level inflammation of the brain...but just enough to affect critical thinking. Yes, students these days are much worse at critical thinking than people in the past. these constant, minor inflammations cause people to be slightly more wired-up / adhd / various mental aspects / sleep problems , etc. The human body naturally tries to fight this off though, so some people or people in less populated areas....less city....less wifi can handle it easier. Notice how city people always seem a little more crazy..? good documentary I recommend everybody checking out. It's only an hour long, but worth it -
  11. just realized my other computer, still had the PR radar up. last radar image from PR
  12. thanks , but i'm a ma'am . Religious ones crack me up the most. They go to church every Sunday, while still committing sins daily. As long as their neighbor or friend say it's "ok" to do , they continue doing it. As if their friend is the holy power , telling them their not committing a sin by using their cellphone or looking at porn everyday. No wonder religion is fading fast in the U.S.
  13. looks like a lot of the gauges were edited, I don't see the 80 foot one anymore. still many are in record territory.
  14. nobodys talking about all the flood rescues that must be going on now. sooo many of these rivers are 20 feet above their record levels ! this is astonishing. hover over, to look at current levels http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/index.php?wfo=sju
  15. Humans will never be a successful species , until they rid themselves of Religion , anger , jealousy, deception, and money. Money because money causes jealousy. (rich vs poor, etc) cellphones and the internet will probably need to go too, since they also cause deception and jealousy. (who are you txting...? etc)