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  1. Wonder why the sun feels hotter than normal now...even when the temp is only 70 ? Grass / plants not growing good? plants dying / even when you had recent rain ? Remember, the key is to keep everybody stupid until the last minute. The emergency that our fake news media decides to ignore :
  2. ^clueless Dane's meetup today in Shasta, CA was cancelled because of the fire. The biggest fire in all of California (now 80,000 acres) just happens to occur where his meetup was to occur. suspicious ? He talks about it in today's update
  3. Significant increase in calls to police / ems recently for people having 'difficulty breathing' and 'altered mental status'. Much higher amount of reports than normal. But as we all know... real news isn't allowed anymore. medical industry is loving all the boost in profits. guessing ORH will lock this one as well... He only likes fake news.
  4. dangggggggg.... Baltimore got haarp'd
  5. good point. Lyme spreading like wildfire, and people don't know why. ..no rashes either. Lyme = airborne bacteria I forgot FB as well. The #1 social media method to keep everybody stupid.
  6. Telling the Truth is against the law these days, only BS is allowed. The elite only want BS in the news. A dumb and dumber society is all that's allowed. Vaccines / gmo / wifi / 5g all assist with turning everybody into bird brains as well. These chemicals (you mention in bold above) would escape out more easily, and fresh air would filter in normally... IF they would stop f'n around with the mid-upper atmosphere. That's the main problem here, but they want to keep everybody stupid. Keep old atmospheric currents locked in....no more fresh / dry air left....with them messin around with everything....creating insane looking weather patterns for trade war tactics or whatever..
  7. looks like another Hurricane to hit China (rare) haarp wars behind the scenes going on.. ?
  8. new types of cloud formations every day.. ORH will find a way to classify it as normal though.
  9. Looks like a NYC Judge got paid off by big oil, to toss this one too - http://dailycaller.com/2018/07/19/judge-new-york-climate-change-lawsuit/ Greed is destroying our planet....quickly.
  10. I'm still curious as to what John P. Wheeler III wanted to tell us all...
  11. The people doing the spraying love bird-brains like you guys. Easier to control. Dane is the only guy telling the truth. People higher level and in the military will secretly whisper this to others only close to them...but don't have the balls to tell the public openly for fear of assassination. Just youtube "Dane Wigington" name in youtube....and the first result is "Dane Wigington Murdered" Like i said, they love bird-brains that are in denial of the truth. Keep believing the fake news, so that they'll have an easier time with their global control agenda.
  12. ....wondering if anybody's even testing the air. Or is that being covered up as well, along with everything else ? gotta love our fake news society.
  13. Is that the silly excuse everybody is giving to each other to justify it all? c'mon all . this is not normal. strange crime occurring all over as well. huge difference between the general 'slowed down' summer feel....and people acting like zombies all over.
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