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  1. already a coating on all surfaces.
  2. Moderate Snow 32
  3. Opinions won't really matter, since it's already in progress. we've been 'testing the waters' of weather modification since the 1940's. do people really think we'd stop right there.
  4. the country's beautiful weather the last few years, during the autumn isn't just a random fluke. wake up peoples.
  5. So, I see a movie called "Geostorm" is to be released tomorrow. (satellites used to control the weather) funny, how Hollywood likes to use movies to 'test the waters' of public opinion on future events.... that are already occurring. so many examples, so many movies.
  6. on this animation, looks way west than projected http://rammb.cira.colostate.edu/ramsdis/online/loop.asp?data_folder=tropical/tropical_ge_1km_center_relative_vis_floater&width=640&height=480&number_of_images_to_display=12
  7. another hurricane for Florida area incoming. Interesting.
  8. here we go again... hurricane hyper-activity. too much of this, and we'll be too drained out to even care about nor'easters .
  9. It's funny how time changes things. 2 years ago I was certain climate change was occurring. now, i'm nearly certain Geo-engineering is occurring and being kept 'low-key'. too much evidence, and the gov has already admitted cloud seeding is real. whether it's being done deliberate or unknowingly. Just the amount of water vapor power plants feed into the atmosphere on a daily basis is astonishing....and never talked about. Our atmosphere is permanently messed up, ty humans. time to find another planet to screw up. money and power is turning the planet into a cesspool. oh btw, Houston is the only democratic county in Texas if people didn't know. All these billions of dollars in aid, (paid by taxpayers) help the local area's 'rebuilding' economy. Including Home Depot, Lowes, etc. When Home Depot hears the word hurricane strike, their eyes light up.
  10. footage of the dam leak
  11. 5+ more days of sitting and spinning. Winds are bound to spread out further than they currently are . Which means landfall isn't even required to have hurricane conditions along the coast.
  12. 1st one is rescue of people on capsized boat 2nd one looks like flooding to the roofs...in Dominican Republic ? they've barely gotten any media coverage yet
  13. emotional interview from prime minister of Dominica...he started crying on couple occasions - like around 13:00 minute mark