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  1. HAARP

    ty haarp for all this beautiful weather.
  2. HAARP

    What I find most comical is the shill-fest in this thread yesterday. 5+ deniers came out all at once yesterday to mock us, somebody must of had a trending FB post. ”ohhh noez, I’m not going to post here anymore if there’s a haarp thread”. They Sound like their 8 years old.
  3. HAARP

    ^ nice quote
  4. HAARP

    True. The agenda now is to keep the public clueless with misinformation to make it seem like everything’s jolly. Easier to control everyone that way. 85% of the public let’s the following control their daily thought process : whatevers big news on social media , or whatever the news / media chooses to be the big story for the day.
  5. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    Looks like an inch already, that came down quick.
  6. HAARP

    Maybe we pumped too much oil / shale out of the earth... and it shifted a bit.
  7. HAARP

    Dude, you just quadriple posted.. tryin to look at all angles here. Alright we know the North Pole’s exact location fluctuates at times and is almost never dead center in the middle all the time, any evidence of a permanent shift to northern Canada? It’s literally been behaving like that all winter long..the weather pattern, dunno which sites show current Due North location...but something seems up. Poor central Canada, been in the deep freeze all winter.
  8. Different Cloud patterns - Slanting downwards

    Something I notice frequently now, but never did 10 years ago.. pattern formations of clouds slanting downwards on an angle. In the past you’d see them uniform and level from left to right. Now they’ll be left to right but sagging downward on one end. Whether their cirrus and stratus or a combination.
  9. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

  10. Re: Conspiracy Threads

    Typical debunk post. all ufo’s out there are either weather balloons or swamp gas as well.
  11. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    Temp has dropped here the last couple hours from 41 to 37. seems like steady drop continuing..
  12. Re: Conspiracy Threads

    Climate Change is just as much of a conspiracy theory, according to Republicans. So if their going remove some of it, just remove the whole section. Forums are around to debate things.
  13. HAARP

    Think of it from a satellite perspective, it just needs to aim at the North Pole , to force its cold core off center. The winds coming up off the ocean from east / south of Greenland ..help encourage Low formation from wherever they want.
  14. HAARP

    Good post ^ look at gfs animation for next 7 days over the North Pole. (10mt temps) It’s like the cold core is being forced down into central canada...all winter long. Heatwave over the North Pole currently.
  15. HAARP

    So true, when u live in a big city, you just go along with whatever all the crazies around you believe in...when you go rural , you can think, and see the big picture.