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  1. Josh is OK and has posted on Twitter https://twitter.com/iCyclone/status/1429161049203281923?s=20
  2. What is the timing of the 2 waves of precip? Wave 1 is Wed night into Thursday morning, and then a pause and snow starts again Thurs night? (trying to plan a drive north on 95)
  3. sorry, my stream was an hour behind - so sorry
  4. Huge wedge TOG on kfor.com just to west of Magnum.
  5. On kfor.com right now, large barrel-shaped tornado heading right toward Mangum.
  6. I think they got in because I'm not hearing them talk anymore.
  7. He finally admitted they're in trouble from the surge. They're trying to get into a house to get some elevation, is that right?
  8. Mayor of Mexico Beach just on CNN - 280 people ignored evacuation order and have stayed behind.
  9. Link to live storm reports - https://nwschat.weather.gov/lsr/#AKQ,CAE,CHS,FFC,GSP,ILM,JAX,LWX,HUN,BMX,EYW,MHX,RAH,RLX,RNK,TAE,TBW,MRX,MLB,MFL/201809130400/201809140359/0100
  10. If you're looking for information on Dominica, this radio station is broadcasting http://radio.garden/live/roseau/wice-qfm-95-5/
  11. The PM just posted on Facebook that he's been rescued from his house after saying "My roof is gone. I am at the complete mercy of the hurricane. House is flooding." https://www.facebook.com/pg/SupportRooseveltSkerrit/posts/
  12. Mike Theiss' wife posted on twitter that they are OK. https://twitter.com/Andrea_cmt/status/906966968284180481
  13. Best of luck to you and your family! (And you deserve to go into the Sibling Hall of Fame.)
  14. Here's the Prime Minister saying they have a mandatory evacuation of the entire island - More from Barbuda on twitter account of BBC reporter on the ground there. https://twitter.com/BBCLBicker
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