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  1. Video of driving through Marsh Harbour
  2. Jim Edds is safe. He was in Hope Town on Elbow Cay, and measured 911.2 minimum pressure. Hope he got some footage. https://twitter.com/EarthUncutTV/status/1168400510212177920?s=20
  3. Look at the flipped cars here, just from the wind - https://twitter.com/julmisjames/status/1168217300887117825?s=20
  4. I think Jim Edds is in an even more precarious position. He's in the Hope Town Inn on Elbow Cay, the spit of land to the east of Marsh Harbor. https://twitter.com/ExtremeStorms/status/1168153907354357761?s=20
  5. http://smartmet.bahamasweather.org.bs/radarcomposite/
  6. sorry, my stream was an hour behind - so sorry
  7. Huge wedge TOG on kfor.com just to west of Magnum.
  8. On kfor.com right now, large barrel-shaped tornado heading right toward Mangum.
  9. Miami fire and rescue in Mexico Beach told CNN reporter on the ground that they didn't want to discuss a death toll but that it didn't look good. Maybe that'll get rid of troll.
  10. https://twitter.com/iCyclone/status/1050278245680205824 I had devices recording air pressure in 2 hotels in Panama City. BLUE min was 939.7 mb at 12:45 pm in W eyewall. BLUE did not get in eye. BLACK min was 923.2 mb at 12:44 pm, in W edge of eye. That’s 16.5 mb difference over ~3.7 n mi. Sick inner core gradient. #Hurricane #MICHAEL
  11. The man whose house Brett Adair took shelter in was watching Brett on Facebook. The owner had evacuated, boarded up his house and is interviewed here - https://twitter.com/mynbc15/status/1050115698020810758
  12. https://twitter.com/MaxTsaparis/status/1050084409607643137 YIKES! While in #Michael's eye wall, Tyndall AFB reported wind gusts of 119-129 mph for TWENTY minutes straight until the weather station went offline. #flwx
  13. They were next to houses and I'm pretty sure they got inside one. Last shot I have when the feed went out is the white siding of the house so it was still standing as of 2 minutes ago.
  14. Camera is STILL on, sound of rushing water, wind, car not under water I dont think because black debris gets blown on window occasionally