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  1. Snowfall warning just issued. Little late but can't blame EC for this one. I measured just under 6" on my deck. Should end up in the 6-8" range I suppose.
  2. Thanks. Could be the beginning of spring by next weekend. So enjoy this.
  3. Hey Powerball. Another winter and Detroit's snow magnet is still in fine working order. Congrats. ...though i know it's doing little to satisfy your particular wx desires.
  4. Yep. We're closing in on 1/2 a foot. What a nice surprise! Rarely happens here anymore.
  5. Easily the prettiest snow I've witnessed in years right now. Like gently falling snowballs.
  6. Oh wow. I guess I was clumping you in with MQT like numbers.
  7. And shout-out to IWXwx. I think you gave me some Christmas well wishes in December but I disappeared before responding. Thanks and hope all is well.
  8. Hey Bo. Same to you. Cruddy winter and you'll probably still get 100". Nice
  9. Doesn't look like February is packing its magic this year.
  10. Yes, law. I have a couple of credits that I'm currently wrapping up.
  11. Hey Alan, I'm actually only in London until tomorrow and then again briefly later in the week. Basically back in Toronto permanently. And I wouldn't say I'm outta hibernation just yet. We'll see how it goes.
  12. I'd say 6-8" seems reasonable but we could lolly. Interesting storm. Usually you won't see warning amounts with a sfc low going well to our NW unless the antecedent airmass is frigid.
  13. 2016 was the most god-awful, boring, bland, monotonous year in weather I think I've ever experienced. It took my teetering interest in weather and pushed it right off the ledge. Thanks, ***hole.
  14. I'd estimate about 3" in downtown London.
  15. Latest snow I've ever experienced. Nothing accumulated but when I peaked out the window at 7am flakes were flying.