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  1. So, snowiest May 11 on record, snowiest May day on record, and snowiest May on record. It's easy when the amounts are all in-and-around an inch. lol. One more record cold night possible tonight then good riddance.
  2. Writing the date in the snow made me lol. Great pics.
  3. Add in the number of nights with hard freezes, the days with at least >T of snow, this is probably a once in a lifetime May for us. First measurable snow = Nov 6, last (hopefully) May 11, 2020 = 188 days. That's gotta crack a top 10 I'd think.
  4. First time in my life I've seen accumulating snowing May. Josh said it best: crazy.
  5. A few tenths did actually accumulate yesterday, making it the snowiest May 9 on record. Like you pointed out, that happened in May 2013 too so it's not without precedent. Now, if we do manage to pick up a layer of slush tonight, it'll be interesting to see if we've ever had multiple May days with accumulating snowfall.
  6. Remarkable we even approached that record given the UHI impact is much greater now at YYZ than it was in the 60s.
  7. 15 years without a subfreezing May temperature at YYZ and all of a sudden we'll probably end up with 4 or 5 days this month below freezing. It's incredible. Noticing a lot of early blooms too due to the warm stretch we had in late March and early April. Hopefully not too much damage to trees/shrubs. These clippers love to miss us to the south and west so I was surprised to see everything shift back north at 12z. Gonna play a hunch that we mostly get whiffed still but we'll see.
  8. -4.7c (23.5F) is a record cold temp for May 9 at YYZ, and is actually the 2nd coldest May temperature on record period. Just had a snowshower that dropped visibility below 1/2 mile. Always like to explore the limits of my love for snow. Seeing it on May 9, I can say that limit has been breached.
  9. Cold and dry. Haven't seen more than sprinkles (or flurries I guess, lol) in 10 days, and April is usually one of our wettest months.
  10. Might be related to the fact that COVID-19 strikes areas with concentrated population, such as urban areas, harder. Per the stats referenced in your post, Indy has a black pop. of 28.9%. Hence the higher numbers.
  11. Just completed my earliest first mow in memory. Has barely been below freezing since the 3rd week of March, so shouldn't be surprised with things greening up.
  12. " The KCDC saw a higher possibility for the virus remaining in certain cells to be reactivated, rather than for people to be infected again, given that they retested positive in a relatively short period of time after being released from quarantine." It looks more like false negatives rather than reinfection, thank god.
  13. Not that it's a walk in a rose garden now, but it looks like the worst is over for Italy.
  14. He was on the news yesterday. He wasn't coughing much but he seemed kind of haggard. Hoping for the best for him.
  15. 2nd day in a row our daily new case numbers here in Ontario have dropped (462 on 04/01 to 401 on 04/02 to 375 yesterday). Too bad testing is so sparse, otherwise I'd have more confidence in saying that maybe we're seeing a trend.