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  1. Latest snow I've ever experienced. Nothing accumulated but when I peaked out the window at 7am flakes were flying.
  2. In love with that pic
  3. The rex block in the extended has me concerned. Looks like a protracted stretch of very dry weather. Not good for the farmers and personally I hate when the ground gets crunchy in April.
  4. With yesterday's 1.0" at YYZ, April 2016 leapfrogs into 5th place at 8.0" on the month. But that's as far as we go. Terrible winter but an interestingly anomalous April to save it from the absolute dregs.
  5. Really? It looks like moderate snow on the MTO cams along the 401. Of course temps are marginal, maybe uhi is screwing you a bit.
  6. Estimating over 3" on the grass here in London. Wasn't' expecting that much. Hopefully that bodes well for you guys downstream.
  7. Ripping here in London. Middle of the day on April 10th and having no problem accumulating on the pavement
  8. Looks like 1-3" later today/this evening. Not that I won't enjoy it but I'll be content if this is the last snow of 2015-16. It truly is time for spring.
  9. Nice!
  10. Checked the records myself and it indeed is. Right now April 2016 is 7th all time. Looks like we should have no problem cracking the top 5. April 1939 = 12.9" April 1975 = 10.7" April 1979 = 10.2" April 1961 = 9.6" April 1947 = 7.3" April 1966 = 7.1" April 2016 = 7.0"
  11. YYZ recorded 1.2" of snow yesterday, bringing them up to 7.0" for the month. Only need 0.1" to tie February for the snowiest month of 2015-16. Let's do it and break it. Snowiest April since 1979.
  12. Pretty incredible run we're on for April. Cherry on top would be if that clipper for Saturday would nudge north a bit.
  13. Once the North York/EC numbers update I think they'll jibe with yours pretty well. Actually, if Pearson used a ruler to measure snow rather than nipher they'd probably be at or a touch above 30" too.
  14. No. YYZ is at 22.3" as of 4/3. Can add an 1" and change to that from whatever fell overnight. Once yesterday/today's snow is tabulated...the city station will be in the 23-24" range for the season.
  15. Looks like 4-6" fell across Toronto. Not seeing a lot of reports from elsewhere but just based on radar it looked like the heaviest snow fell *north* of the the city, in defiance of basically every model out there. I was sort of expecting a death band to develop from southern Lk Huron over towards Hamilton/Burlington. The question was whether Toronto would be close enough to get into the action. That never really happened though. Scanning twitter, doesn't look like many areas went north of 6". Still, for April, a very respectable event.