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  1. We never realized blizzard conditions in 1999. sustained winds were just under the threshold. Also, there was a temperature criteria back then that we likely didnt meet. And the warning was WSW, but I dont remember completely.
  2. Lived almost my entire life in Toronto and we've never been under a blizzard warning . So, you're looking at 2.5-3 feet of snow basically. Photos would be swell!
  3. To say the least? As recently as Sunday this was mostly rain. Instead it's a winter wonderland out there. Enjoy.
  4. OB was right! This is a bit of a bust. Looks like about 5" outside and it's barely snowing. We'll probably pixie dust our way to 6" by dawn. Even areas east of us which were bullseyed are dryslotted right now. Considering that the afternoon portion of this event sort of over-performed, it's pretty disappointing. The main defo band has produced, what, 2" additional inches here? Beh.
  5. I think that's a lock but it's going to be more of a gradual process.
  6. It's been tough to get visibilities below 1SM. Was hoping for a little rippage.
  7. 23z HRRR showing 6.7" additional. Last check, YYZ was up to 2.8" (2.8 + 6.7 = 9.5", which is definitely towards the high end of expectations, unless anyone believed the few clown RAP/GFS runs showing 12"+) . We would need to start cranking though at some point. Cloud tops starting to cool and pivot N/NNW across E OH/W PA. Hopefully that's a good sign.
  8. Remember where we were 3 days ago. Nothing to complain about.
  9. Have about 2-3" on the grass...pavement just finally starting to whiten up. Based on radar, it's pretty apparent the heaviest snow is going to miss us to the east. Should finish in the 6-8" range hopefully by 12z tomorrow.
  10. Already up to about 2" on grassy surfaces. Pavement mostly just wet. I'd say very little chance of a low bust.
  11. Narrow band...roll the dice as to whom it effects. Seems like an impressive setup. I was reading on twitter that inversion heights are AOA 11k feet.