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  1. The study of Northeast Snowstorms by meterologists Uccellini and Paul Kocin. Think I'm spelling their names correctly.
  2. I would love it !!! Fingers crossed.....
  3. Snow and sleet here. Temp has dropped back to 26F
  4. Bottomed out at 18F here this morning. Brisk and beautiful.
  5. Bottomed out at 30F here. Temp already up to 38F.
  6. Currently 16 degrees here. Think that I am going to start working on my tan today...
  7. Heavy snow here in Orefield, PA Visibility down to about 1000 feet Temp 34 degrees Wind NNW @ 5 MPH Sticking and accumulating on grassy surfaces
  8. 3.6 inches here in Orefield, PA Nice primer for tomorrow. Still snowing lightly. Time to blow off the driveway
  9. We have a WWA up here starting at 9:00 PM this evening