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  1. We are still sitting on about 18 inches of compacted snow up here. This is not going to be pretty. There is a glaze on everything from last night freezing drizzle and fog. Going to be a mess...
  2. Reports of steady sleet in Lancaster...
  3. I'm in Orefield. I have 11 inches so far. Heavy snow coming down. I have already ran the snow blower twice this morning Just go in and everything I cleared is already coated again. LOL
  4. 9 1/2" in the tube. Heavy snow. Temp 21° Winds N/E at 22 mph .
  5. Moderate Snow here in Orefield, PA. ( 7 miles north of Allentown.)
  6. I'm about 5 miles north of Allentown, and we are approaching and unexpected 2" already from the first band. Temp 28°
  7. They closed up about a year ago. Don't know what happened. I am Building a house on Kernsville Road for a client about a 1/2 mile before you get there....
  8. Snow now in Orefield (7 Miles North of Allentown)
  9. Looking to cash in the Lehigh Valley. My novice prediction is 20"
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