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  1. 18z NAM reminds me of that 1/17/18 18z run, jacked with no chance of verifying here. Still pretty to look at.
  2. About a 20/80 IP/RN mix here, I can here the IPs on the window though and see them bouncing off the truck. 38.4F
  3. Please stop posting 300+ hour op maps in the disco thread, these are nothing more than banter.
  4. Likely a stock 10:1 snow flag, no more than weenie click bait, you over-performed.
  5. The AO (not NAO, look at your N Hemi Ens maps) in the 7-14 range should be a good representation of do we keep the PV in Central CA, or does a dominant lobe break off and exit stage right over southern Greenland. The MJO amplitude in mid phase 5 may not put us in to the holly grail days 14+, rather a de-amplification in phase 7 vs a high push in to phase 8.
  6. Means are a better tool outside of 168hrs, just saying... Wholesale cold is coming back, length of day would argue it is not as intense as recent but we have 3-4 weeks of potential incoming. Most would say thus far their above avg winter was bounded by a 2-3 week period.
  7. Tar River in west-central Granville County around 11am 1/17, shot was taken under the hwy 158 bridge.
  8. I canned what was the latest iteration earlier this week, Red1976Red. Unless he is now spoofing a TWC residential connection in Raleigh which I guess is possible, I doubt it is him. Wilkes had an affinity for MS Paint, this guy seems a bit more professional plus he has an in house model. Nodules is a physiology term, he lost some credibility there. Ted's part about boundary layer issues in Orlando and that random dog on chicken .gif were pretty funny.
  9. 31 and flurries at the house just west of PGV
  10. 8” as of 3pm between Oxford and Henderson. About to head back to PGV, took me about two hours to get here and probably double that on the way back. This area is going to see 10-12” by the looks of radar. Congrats to all that overperformed.
  11. Why jebwalk? Never heard that term before. Why don’t you Google it?
  12. 6” 10 miles west of Oxford as of 1pm, measured 4” at the same spot around 11, going to setup shop ivo for the afternoon, Jebwalk upcoming.
  13. I am in the truck man, new Michelens are handling 158 very well. Got 4.5-5” in an open field right by the Tar River between Oxford and Roxboro. I noticed this morning on the drive to Roxboro this area just west of Oxford had more accum at 7-730 then Roxboro did when we got there. May head down to Wake Forest for the afternoon after we grab lunch, followed by the drive back and some action in the coastal plain later if the RGEM has a handle. Temp up to 32
  14. Over 3” in Roxboro, you can tell ratios are improving as the flake size has decreased but rates are up and vis is down. Temp stil 31. Going to head back to Oxford for lunch, may jog down to Wake for the afternoon. Roads are getting a little tricky for 2wd vehicles.
  15. Just eyeballing radar, I think the NAM is a little west with the heaviest axis, I would paint it along at Pittsboro to Oxford line. Going to head down to Butner and then to Oxford for lunch, likely to spend the afternoon ivo Oxford, maybe a little SW of there.
  16. Rippin fatties in Roxboro, excellent flake structure, vis down to about a quarter mile and over an inch. Temp steady at 31 the past hour.
  17. - rain snow mix in Oxford, temp is down to 34 and we should get in to all snow on 158 to Roxboro. Temp was 30 when I left the house, topped out at 37 in eastern Wake, going slowly down.
  18. Wheels up, headed to the Hillsborough Roxboro area for the day.
  19. 18z RGEM +54hrs at 500, 700 and 850mb, granted, this is in the 10% right now and ideally most in NC would like these centers to be to our south.
  20. Interested to see if we trend towards a lee side 850 in the upstate, that would enhance lift to the NW of its track, especially if sufficient forcing is present to deepen it for a period.
  21. It’s a snow sounding but I doubt those are dendrites given the lack of saturation in the dendritic growth zone, probably plates.