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  2. Classic mid-south winter storm on the Euro, as stated heaviest totals focused in NE GA, upstate and SW NC. Raleigh is fringed and has mixing issues. I’ll be honest, this is a good look for central VA 7 days out on the Euro.
  3. Certainly the period where you want to see a suppressed trend commence.
  4. Stock 10:1 with winter wx flag set but just guessing...
  5. Like the idea of a significant eastern US low around 12/1-2, details TBD...
  6. Same here, 63/61 with an E wind 8 G 28. Spent most of the morning in the mid 40's, pretty impressive for late October.
  7. Legit signal for the 27-28th, dominant SLP track west of the Apps would introduce SVR probs to the east this time of year with a meso transfer...
  8. DOD is bringing Lockheed in on the F-22s, roughly 10% of the fleet were left back due to maintenance.
  9. North of 120mph vis really starts to push zero, a pure white out is usually indicative of upper echelone canes which is scene there around 1:11.
  10. A little over 10” here, about 25 miles removed from the 12-15” totals and 30 miles south 20” plus. Creek is still in flood stage and dumping some water in to the back 40, Tar basin dodged a bullet.
  11. Let’s be honest, sub 960 on a Cat 1 is BS. Not sure when the NHC will get the impact equation right but ~1 minute sustained is not the answer as you are currently witness to.
  12. Going to be a dark weekend in Jacksonville, are you supplied by Duke?
  13. Lightning feed from radar scope does not support, could be wrong but those flashes are more than likely disruptions to the grid. Sorry man, likely 5+ days down there dependent on inland flooding.
  14. Transformers? We lived in J-actionville for 4 years, road out Isabel but this will be an order of magnitude worse.
  15. Really starting to wrap up that inner core based on IR, radar may be a little slow to respond.
  16. Hot towers starting to show some urgency in encompassing the center, leading in from the south side.
  17. How much above that gauge level are you? Do you know? anything under 30' I would be concerned.
  18. No recent microwave but if IR as any indication, structure is finally looking more favorable for slow strengthening.
  19. It won't be good, Lumber and Cape Fear basins, based on RAH's historical graphics, Floyd + Dennis type total plus 10" in a single event.
  20. Any way you cut it, there's going to be a local min over SE Wake county.