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  1. In the open area in front of our cabin, sticks are anywhere between 17-22", but 18-19" were the most consistent. The closest report to me is 17.5" as of 12:50pm and accumulating type wen on for about an hour after that. Solid plates are still falling as super saturation aloft is lost. Hoping for a 1-3" backend bonus.
  2. Just got back from Boone, only a couple places are open and they are starting to dig out. 421 has that look with people walking down the middle of the road. The stick on our deck is 19”, in the open area it’s knee deep. Saw this guy in Boone...
  3. Absolutely ripping outside, 14” on the deck, some blowing and drifting. Don’t think I am going anywhere today.
  4. Just NE of Blowing Rock, moderate snow, borderline pouring, over 3” on the deck and dime size flakes. 25F, going to bed, long day ahead.
  5. Maybe transformers? I have the lighting feed from radarscope and so far nothing to report.
  6. 2”+ on the deck, really starting to cake and I cant see the houses about a mile away down the valley towards Boone, honestly have not been able to clearly see there lights for about an hour but now nothing. 321 is still clearly visible, 1/8 mile reference. Very impressive given the reflectivity overhead, SN, 26F, 3/4” hr rates best guess.
  7. Started a few minutes ago just NE of Blowing Rock, down to 29.
  8. 30F and virga but returns quickly starting to build from Boone through Wilkes to Winston, shouldn’t be much longer.
  9. Place called Mystery Hill, just outside Blowing Rock as you head back to Boone on 321. Area had the best existing coverage on the ground and was 31F, whereas it was 36 in Boone. Cabin is on an eastern slope with lots of area to play. Looked at a few places in Blowing Rock but we have a wide open playground here with jeb trails.
  10. 31F here, 36 in Boone as we drove through about 4pm. 44 leaving Wilkesboro but we were in the mid 30’s going through the mountains, crazy difference.
  11. In Wilkesboro, about to make the final call of Blowing Rock or Sparta, I don’t want to enitely discount the RGEM and NAM for 2” of QPF with little mixing around Sparta.
  12. 30" around Lake James this run on pivotal.
  13. Leaving for Blowing Rock in the am, considered going further south to Black Mountain but am really worried about pingers cutting back on totals. Also considered Spruce Pine but the roads may be sketch coming back on Tuesday especially if there is a lot of sleet.
  14. He lives in Wake Forest vs SE Wake County, with the advances in computer simulations over the past 5-10 years, local hasn't changed.
  15. Agreed, primary go to when the NAM looks off, difference usually verifies somewhere in the middle.
  16. How is that a SN & IP best guess, unless I forgot to read Skew-T's that's SN, likely heavy.
  17. Pivotal is 29" from Morganton to Lenoir to Hickory, 28" in Blowing Rock. As things stand now, Blowing Rock is where I will be Saturday afternoon - Tuesday. I like the elevation (wind potential), eastern side of the escarpment, 321 should be plowed with a backdoor through Boone and 421 if needed. Not ready to commit further south than there at the moment, SW VA appears to be safely out of play. Slower timing will allow ingest of the 12z run on Saturday for any last minute adjustments as I am on the road.
  18. Still 48hrs out, but starting to look at Spruce Pine vs Sparta.
  19. 18z GFS appears to have suffered an anomaly after 108hrs.
  20. 18z NAM vs GFS @84hrs, outside of the NAMs useful range I know, but the preferred H5 look is a no brainier.
  21. Cut back on QPF by about a half inch in most of NC compared to 12z, SC still on par with widespread >2" amounts.
  22. Somewhere along a line from Charlottesville to Asheville, I am currently looking at the area around Sparta. Still have to Friday to hammer down specifics. I did order a new snow shovel on Amazon, professional grade.
  23. Snow output is a fool’s errand at this early stage, regardless of the model. The Euro does show 2-3” liquid equivalent in the same general vicinity which is significant.
  24. Really just noise at this range, still a monster winter storm.