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  1. Today was only our 2nd above normal day here in Western Chester County PA (76.4/51.7) over the last 12 days. I have been telling my local Chester County farmer followers for the last week to expect another well below normal stretch to follow the very brief warm up this weekend as we move into October.....still thinking any freeze concerns and basic end to the growing season over most of Western Chesco which is over 600 ft will wait...till likely the middle of the month. This would still be a bit earlier than our normal 1st freeze for the Western spots in the county which is October 23rd (October 14th for Chesco below 600ft ASL)
  2. Another record daily low max in Western Chester County PA yesterday...the old mark was 63.0 set back in 1991. This morning's low was 40.3
  3. 2nd consecutive record low maximum temperature here in Western Chester County PA. Today's high of only 61.2 eclipses the old mark of 63.0 set 29 years ago back in 1991. Down on the barrier islands on the Jersey Shore in Sea Isle City the high was only 63.3. Overall these readings are in line with normal late October readings than mid-September
  4. Today's AM low tied another daily record at 40.3 matching the mark set back in 1999. Yesterday's high temperature set another record low max mark for Western Chester County eclipsing the old record of 62.0 set back in 1993
  5. Yesterday's max temp of 58.9 just missed setting a record low max which was 58.0 set back in 1987. Today we have an excellent shot at a new record low maximum with the current record at 62.0 set back in 1993. Our AM low this morning again was no bueno for the 30's as we bottomed out at exactly 40.0. Of note today is the earliest date in the all time (all elevation) data set for the Western Chesco that we hit the freezing mark - with a low of 32.0 on this date back in 1956. That year also marked the shortest growing season for the local farmers as that season only lasted 119 days.
  6. Of note the 41.1 degree low this morning in East Nantmeal is the coolest reading this early in Chester County in 30 years since the 41 degree low on September 17, 1990
  7. Record AM low today of 41.1 breaking the old mark of 42.0 set back in 1990. The all-time lower elevation record low is 36.0 set back in 1929 and 1943
  8. A new record low max for September 15th here in Western Chester County PA with a high of only 62.7 today. All-time mark of of 58.0 from 1963 still in tact. Today's double digit negative departure - 1st since May 12th. Likely we will have a below normal month through at least the 21st of the month
  9. Summer (June thru August) climate summary for Western Chester County PA. For the summer months (Jun-Jul-Aug) here in Western Chester County we finished with an average temperature of 73.7 This is the 17th warmest summer since 1894 Of note the 5 hottest summers were all before 1955 (warmest being the summer of 1900 at 75.8 degrees!) Coldest reading - 44.1 on June 1st Warmest reading - 92.0 on July 19th Only our 2nd heat wave (3 straight 90+ days) in the last 8 years!! We have had only 10 heat waves in the last 18 years 5 days exceeded 90 degrees this summer - our most in 9 years since the 11 back in 2011 Of interest only 4 of the 17 warmest summers have occurred since 1988 and the top 5 all before 1956 and 13 of the 17 warmest summers also occurred prior to 1956 Top 5 warmest summers were (1900 - 75.8 / 1901 - 75.0 / 1944- 75.0/ 1955 - 75.0 and 1943 -74.9) Precipitation wise we received 17.63" of rain - average summer months rainfall is 13.16" (+4.49" above avg.) This was the 15th wettest summer on record with the wettest occurring just 2 summers ago in 2018 when 26.29" of rain drenched Western Chesco Finally an fascinating comparison (see attached) that helps highlight the increasing heat island impact at the Philadelphia Airport compared to the more rural observation suburban burbs in Eastern PA where we are noting a decline in 90+ days. In just the last 2 years PHL airport has recording 67 days above 90 degrees (the other 3 sites combined over the last 4 years only 61 days!) With 17 years of records for these locations - Note that over the last 8 years a significant drop in the number of 90+ days at the rural sites compared to the prior 9 years However at the Philadelphia airport - the frequency of 90+ days continues to increase at a fast pace....this disparity is likely to continue as the heat island impact shows little sign of abating