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  1. ChescoPaWxman

    E PA/NJ/DE Fall 2019 OBS Thread

    No such luck with 40's on top of the hills of NW Chester County...our low was only 51.6 - although many spots around me below 500 ft ASL have indeed hit the 40's this morning.
  2. ChescoPaWxman

    Vendor forecast thread

    1st early high level winter forecast from the folks at WeatherBell show a slow start to winter but averaging only slightly above normal temps with snowfall in our area at 125% of normal August 2019 Plenty of potential for a severe winter. East will have to overcome early warmth. SST analogs are amazingly close to a blend of 2013-14 and 2014-15. Warm northeastern Pacific and cooler Nino1+2 usually a great cold signal. Snowfall should be generous.
  3. ChescoPaWxman

    E PA/NJ/DE Fall 2019 OBS Thread

    So far today in Western Chesco Hi/Lo 77.1/65.0 (may drop lower before midnight) +7.8 above normal . Of note tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Floyd....I recorded the greatest single day rain event in Chester County since records began in 1894. On that day my station measured 8.28" of rain. It was a very chilly day for the date with the temp falling much of the afternoon as the rain bands intensified coming in off the ocean and up-sloped into Western Chester County....we bottomed out at 57.4 at 9:11pm. I remember watching water rescues taking place at Route 30 and 340 in Thorndale with boats in the intersection next to the McDonalds rescuing folks who tried to drive through the flooding.
  4. ChescoPaWxman

    E PA/NJ/DE Fall 2019 OBS Thread

    Climate Summary for 9/12/19 for Western Chester County PA
  5. ChescoPaWxman

    Weather Station Relocation (roof top) Help at Jersey Shore

    Sorry guys been away a bit - thanks for the suggestions!!
  6. ChescoPaWxman

    E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2019 OBS Thread

    The last 2 days here in Western Chester County PA have been the lowest daily max temps in the last 37 years for August 25th and August 26th. Yesterday's high was 71.5 breaking the previous record low max of 72.5 in 2010 and today's high of only 69.2 broke the old record of 71.1 set back in 2006, Today's AM low was 56.7 - nowhere near the record Western Chester County low of 49.0 back in 1987.
  7. ChescoPaWxman

    E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2019 OBS Thread

    Today's climate summary for the philly burbs of Western Chester County PA at East Nantmeal Hi/Lo 71.5/55.3 and at the KMQS Chester County Airport 73.4/57.2 our 3rd straight below normal day. We should make it to 6 straight days with highs in the 70's through Wednesday-enjoy! It would appear we are done with any 90+ days in the Western burbs and will end the season with only 2 days exceeding 90 in East Nantmeal and 4 at the KMQS Airport.
  8. ChescoPaWxman

    E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2019 OBS Thread

    Climate summary for today in Western Chester County KMQS (87.8/69.8) EN (84.8/69.4) of course any dream of 90+ days for the rest of the season are over in Western Chesco but of note of the 31 Mt Holly NWS/FAA sites across PA/NJ/DE/MD all but 8 sites hit 90+ today including Andover/Sussex/TTN/Lehighton/MPO/KMQS/KPTW/KLOM
  9. Does anyone know of any roofing guys or handymen who can get on a high roof (3 stories and also with the current 9 feet above street level rules) and move and remount a Vantage Vue Weather Station? My weather station was apparently mounted to a vent pipe by the builder and appears this might be causing a leak in my ceiling. So I need to move it and remount in a more traditional spot with a bracket and brace on the roof. Having a tough time finding anyone to help out. Any Cape May County contacts or folks you know who will travel to Sea Isle City for the job? If so please send me a private message with email/contact info. Thanks! Paul
  10. ChescoPaWxman

    E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2019 OBS Thread

    But still not an official "heat wave" with 3 consecutive days....correct?
  11. ChescoPaWxman

    E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2019 OBS Thread

    But was it really a heat wave (3 straight days of 90+) ? It certainly could be at your location....but for the majority of the area it has not...just sayin
  12. ChescoPaWxman

    E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2019 OBS Thread

    Today's Highs across Western Chester County ranged from 87.8 at KMQS and 86.2 in East Nantmeal....of course no heat wave in Western Chester County PA as neither location has seen a day above 90 degrees during this stretch. Of interest of the 31 NWS/FAA sites across the Tri-State area of PA/NJ/DE only 12 sites or 39% of all such stations reported a heat wave with the last 3 days exceeding the 90 degree mark. While 13 sites saw 2 days over 90; 3 sites saw only 1 day over 90 and of course the old chilly standbys of Mount Pocono; Chester County Airport and East Nantmeal Township saw no such days. If it wasn't for the local news only using PHL airport would a report of a heat wave in the philly area constitute fake news?
  13. ChescoPaWxman

    E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2019 OBS Thread

    90 or above for high temps today at all of the NWS/FAA sites across the 31 reporting stations across the PA/NJ and DE tri-state area with the exceptions of Mount Pocono at 84 / Cape May County 88 (Sea Isle City only 83.7 w/sea breeze effect) / Andover NJ 89 / and of course Western Chester County with KMQS at 87.8 and East Nantmeal at only 86.2 - marine influence and relative elevation FTW