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  1. 1.63" of rain yesterday while significant nowhere near our daily record of 2.26" set back in 1932 Monthly rainfall now stands at 4.87" (+1.13" above normal) YTD precipitation stands at 12.03" (+1.47" above normal) Snowfall 5.8" - 29.9" below normal through today.....
  2. Light spring snow here in NW Chester County PA temp at 35.7
  3. WXSIM sees plenty of rain on the way over the next week in NW Chesco and even some snow above 650 ft...but no more than a slushy coating before more chilly rain during the day on Monday
  4. Iceman - much different story out here in the nearby NW Philly burbs where we have had 1.18" of rain in the last 5 days. With our MTD rainfall now at 2.63" which is .06" above normal and YTD rainfall now stands at 9.79" which is 0.40" above normal - no dryness here at all..
  5. Record hi elevation record high temp today in Western Chester County PA with our high of 76.6 beating the old record of 72.6 back in 2012....but well behind the valley record of 83 set back in 1945. Much chillier over the weekend and maybe 2 chances of accumulating snow above 600 ft over the next 10 days with 1st shot by Monday AM
  6. East Nantmeal PA obs 0.94" since midnight / 0.09 yesterday MTD precip stands at 2.58" +0.14" above normal YTD precip is 9.74" which is 0.48" above normal
  7. Thanks for all of the email requests!!!! Please confirm your receipt of the presentation via email....It is clearly a slow weather time!! LOL!! If anyone else is interested in viewing the entire presentation on this forum... just send me your email address via the email on my website or send me a PM here with your email and I will send you the "full deck" of 24 slides - apologies again to those that noticed my website is not quite as current as the data and analysis I have in the presentation deck! My full time job clearly gets in the way of this "hobby"!!! Thanks again for your interest!! Paul
  8. I gave a weather talk today at a lunch time session at a golf club in NW Chester County today for a social club in the County. This forced me to get around to updating some of my analysis and stats for the County. Including some comparisons to PHL Airport - I thought I would share some of them below
  9. The blower almost failed me this AM....but I did clean up the T of snow that fell last evening. We also recorded 0.49" of w.e. during the "storm"
  10. Mainly wet snow here at 685 ft while down at the Turnpike at 520 ft just a few flakes mixed in . Deck is a bit slick but no accumulation yet with temp just above 34 degrees. So far 0.32" of w.e. today
  11. mainly light snow with some drips mixed in here in NW Chester County temp down to 36.9
  12. Snow has begun to mix in the the rain here in NW Chesco with a temp of 37.7
  13. WXSIM with 6z NAM/GFS has rain arriving by noon with temps peaking at 42 before falling with the onset of the rain. Snow will begin to mix in by 4pm with mixed snow/rain with more snow than rain during heavier precip rates - temps will remain just above freezing for the duration.. Becoming all snow by 10pm and ending by 1am - total snow 0.3" to 1.0" - have to get my blower gassed up!!