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  1. Climate change

    I think the opposite, the sun moved closer to the earth
  2. Harvey - Main Thread

    Barkers at 99.76
  3. Jan 23-24th Nor'easter Nowcast/Obs

    Sleeting here as well - Lake Hopatcong
  4. January 23rd-24th Storm Threat

    Really depends upon location and what version, the high res nam definitely cut back for N&W. That was all i was interested in, it may have cut back other areas as well.
  5. January 23rd-24th Storm Threat

    NAM came in with less QPF as well, at least for areas N&W
  6. Clouds - 2016

    Really great shots bowtie! I hope you don't mind sharing one of mine - taken in St James Parish in Jamaica earlier this year
  7. New England Road Trip

    Thanks tamarack and stemwinder. Tamarack - I particularly love the fact you checked my math! I will blame the board upgrade, ha. Fixed!
  8. Recently traveled up coast of Maine, and then over to New Hampshire and Stowe, VT before heading back home to NJ. Sharing some of my favorite pictures. View of Camden, Maine from Mount Battie Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse Acadia National Park (I think this was in Schoodic) Acadia National Park (Park Loop Road on Mt Desert Island) Acadia National Park (Sunrise from Cadillac Mountain) View from Cathedral Ledge in Echo Lake State Park, NH
  9. Iceland

    Some great ones Don!
  10. Grade the winter of 2015/2016

    29 inches vs 45 average. Bad season. Got 24 from the one storm, which was great of course. C-
  11. Some pictures of Lake Hopatcong area. Around 24 here, tought to tell with the wind. These are two small islands Rest are the neighborhood
  12. Flurries here - western Morris Co. NJ 22.7
  13. Yes, chuck the NAM. Will it correct overnight, or keep us secretly hoping another 24 hours