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  1. Assuming Euro holds and GFS keeps up what it's doing, it's actually not a bad consensus for something this dynamic 72 hours out
  2. Not sure why people said 00z GFS looked north of the earlier runs today, I don't see that at all...
  3. Broken clock is right twice a day Very curious about the soon to be coming 00z runs
  4. Can anyone here verify the claim on here that, as progged by the GFS, the ull would be the deepest since 1966?
  5. Most of last year and all of this year I don't think it had that problem, but I could be wrong.
  6. The GFS has given us very little reason to trust it more than 72 hours out post-upgrade, particularly when it's an outlier, as it was on Monday for tomorrow's no-show storm. Amateur here but don't think what it's showing is realistic with the pattern this year, given the other models and given tomorrows system. Only thing that is making me wonder is the semi-consistency it has had today.
  7. Boston MBTA chief resigning apparently. If this storm verifies, Walsh is going to be either a hero or resigning himself. News starting to sound alarms on Twitter, which I think is a bit premature.
  8. If the forecast verified, probably an extensive travel ban, and students in school til like July, lol
  9. Not a met, but based on watching this stuff for 15+ years, I'd wait for Thursday to get out of here before sounding too many alarms here. Credited?
  10. Longer duration event than I expected this would show too
  11. That's the look of a Boston blizzard at 96 hours out...
  12. ...lesson in not judging after 36 hours when the storm is 78 away. MAYBE slightly less amped, but looks fine for all but W regions, which didn't look great before.
  13. Was going to post the same. They're crying uncle. Our law school has only closed once for snow since 1978. Tomorrow is day 3 off this year.
  14. Was in Pikesville, then for 09/10 I was in College Park, then moved to DC the past few winters. 09/10 was crazy because of the two in a row which paralyzed everything for a week, and I remember the waist deep snow everywhere after the second. If Thursday verifies, this one will probably top it, though
  15. BOX extended the WSW until 4 AM for Boston area. 2 to 5 additional inches, highest along coast. As of 653 PM.
  16. Is it cheating that I lived through 09-10 with you and then moved up here for this winter?
  17. Given the temperatures Thursday night to Friday, though, wouldn't we err on the side above the 10:1?
  18. Three weeks ago, just getting one foot+ storm would have been (relatively, based on December+early Jan) epic. In the next week comes #4 and maybe #5
  19. FYI the MBTA rail service (all subway, trolley, rail) closed tomorrow all day.
  20. I would be rather shocked if Euro doesn't trend a bit west at the 00z and GFS trends a bit back to reality too, still giving a fairly nice event for eastern areas. Seemed like Euro was knocking on the door of a nice hit after developing the secondary off DE earlier.
  21. Doesn't this GFS run show a storm deeper at its center than anything we've seen so far?