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  1. What's the dang? He's looking at the same information we are- but probably didn't have time to check the latest runs as we do...
  2. 1-1.5 degrees... Celsius? :-) :-)
  3. LWX afternoon update- DC area gets "snow in the morning" Weds., followed by "Rain", with a near 100% chance of it.
  4. How accurate are the SREF's this far out? I would think past 48 not very at all, especially for something that is going to be so localized like this.
  5. I don't see how it wouldn't be.... QPF looks possibly huge overall... 1"++?
  6. LWX update in 45 minutes will be interesting. I wouldn't be surprised to see some of us end up in the watch category.... and the POP to go way up (with still uncertainty regarding rain or snow)...
  7. Each degree makes a HUGE difference. I don't think you should assume you are screwed, rather just you have a higher chance of being screwed than points west. 3-4 degree shift, which certainly happens somewhat often, gives you snow...?
  8. Will the temps being in the 40's tomorrow significantly affect ground temps., or will they be cold enough from today? Additionally, decent chances of a watch in the afternoon package?
  9. QPF nears 2 inches on this one... too bad 75% of it is rain...
  10. My car conked out in the middle of the highway this morning. Thank God there was traffic. It was 8 degrees at the time, and I got it working again eventually and was able to pull over.. scary stuff. Moral of the story: this cold better not be wasted.
  11. Boards gonna go nuts in the next Two hours
  12. Okay, I give up. I don't remember models even too close to what we've seen this winter since I've been tracking weather (granted, only 10 years or so, but still...)
  13. I've been in Israel the past month. Come home Sunday, University of Maryland CP starts Monday. Could be an interesting welcome home And being in College Park, I bet the r/s line sets up right over me...
  14. I've been in Israel the past month, but still had the urge to lurk onto this board and NWS at times. I come home Sunday.... maybe I'll get rewarded with a nice little snow Tuesday...?