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  1. What a nice trend for this one and youre right what a rarity this year to have such consensus with most guidance where the heaviest qpf occurs. Looks like we'll have more tracking next week as well. Tony
  2. I dont know if anyone posted the RGEM total accums (color maps) but enjoy down there guys, glad this is event is widespread for most of us.
  3. Bumping this up for the busy period upon us Courtesy of Mike (paranormal weather) http://www.paranorma...om/weather.html Many of the eastern wx maps and then some. I'l be adding many of these into the main thread
  4. Thanks, I will slowly be adding all of the old maps and update with new ones over the next few days in prep for the christmas storm
  5. Work in progress as I try and recover the maps that were on eastern, a pc thats crashed and a laptop that was lost at LAX airport. Post somereal-time images, loops, etc if you got 'em Surface; Radars" Visible: Water Vapor Temps: Pressure Maps upper Air
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