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  1. Snowing pretty good now in Frederick. 40 degrees
  2. So around what time does the low start forming off the coast?
  3. Have about 1.5 inches on top of my trash can lid. Less on the cars. Grass is covered and blacktop and roads are spotty covered.
  4. Between 14-16" here in Frederick with moderate to heavy snow.
  5. Just came back in from a walk and had 3". Located near Rt15 and Rt 26.
  6. First flakes started flying at 2pm here in Frederick. Left the watering hole and going to enjoy the snow.
  7. The radar back into Tennessee is impressive.
  8. 5.5" with moderate to heavy snow in Frederick. Just beautiful outside. Go CAPS!
  9. 3.25" so far and maintaining 1" per hour rates. Go CAPS!
  10. One hour later, up to 2" so keeping the inch per hour rate. I think we will be on the high side of the 4-8 foretasted for Frederick. 21.1 degrees.
  11. Modertate to heavy snow in Frederick. Been snowin for about an hour or so with close to an inch on the ground. Temp 19.
  12. Most snow so far today and with the coldest temp of 28 degrees