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  1. Curlyq

    PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    Snowing pretty good now in Frederick. 40 degrees
  2. Curlyq

    March 13/14 Storm Banter Thread

    So around what time does the low start forming off the coast?
  3. Curlyq

    1/5/17 to 1/8/17 Obs Thread

    Have about 1.5 inches on top of my trash can lid. Less on the cars. Grass is covered and blacktop and roads are spotty covered.
  4. Between 14-16" here in Frederick with moderate to heavy snow.
  5. Just came back in from a walk and had 3". Located near Rt15 and Rt 26.
  6. Curlyq

    January and #HECS2016 Banter Thread

    First flakes started flying at 2pm here in Frederick. Left the watering hole www.brewers-alley.com and going to enjoy the snow.
  7. Where is the low pressure located now?
  8. Curlyq

    Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    The radar back into Tennessee is impressive.
  9. Curlyq

    Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    5.5" with moderate to heavy snow in Frederick. Just beautiful outside. Go CAPS!
  10. Curlyq

    Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    3.25" so far and maintaining 1" per hour rates. Go CAPS!
  11. Curlyq

    Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    One hour later, up to 2" so keeping the inch per hour rate. I think we will be on the high side of the 4-8 foretasted for Frederick. 21.1 degrees.
  12. Curlyq

    Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    Modertate to heavy snow in Frederick. Been snowin for about an hour or so with close to an inch on the ground. Temp 19.
  13. Curlyq

    1/25-1/27 Clipper-Miller B Obs/Nowcasting

    Most snow so far today and with the coldest temp of 28 degrees