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  1. Looks like 72-74 based on hourly observation report around the area STATION/POSITION TIME SKY/WX TEMP WIND PRES VSBY WAVE AIR SEA DIR/SP/G HT/PER (UTC) (F) (DEG/KT/KT) (MB) (MI) (FT/S) NY Harb Entrance 2250 73 140/ 21/ 25 1011.9 7/ 7 20 S Fire Island 2250 72 1013.3 7/ 7 Great South Bay 2215 75 78 130/ 14/ 19 N/A 23 SSW Montauk P 2250 74 72 130/ 16/ 19 1016.2 6/ 7 15 E Barnegat Li 2256 73 N/A 7/ 8 Hudson Canyon 2250 76 74 140/ 16/ 17 1014.9 7/ 8 Kings Point 2230 77 190/ 18/ 23 1013.8 Execution Rocks 2245 78 150/ 16/ 17 N/A Western LI Sound 2145 77 150/ 19/ 25 N/A Central LI Sound NOT AVBL Robbins Reef 2230 70 210/ 7/ 12 1013.0
  2. Same at both my stations as well. That SE wind off the water gave a nice uniform low temp it seems across the island.
  3. Fun tracking times ahead for sure. E coast may need to watch 98L/Sam down the road with that upper air map, should it come to fruition.
  4. 51.2 in Muttontown & 52.8 in Syosset this morning.
  5. Have to wait for the 1st frost, whenever that occurs. My step-dad has an allergy to it, every late August into September he was miserable when we vacationed in New Hampshire/Vermont and couldn’t wait for the first cold shot that brought a frost with it.
  6. You are fine with respect to the wind, no need for generator today. Yesterday that was known when 5pm advisory only had the W extent of TS winds making it to Sagitakos Pkwy & track kept shifting E too.
  7. Less than 12hrs it seems from 5pm discussion. The environment looks favorable for Henri to strengthen through tonight with low shear, upper-level divergence associated with the upper-level trough, and warm SSTs. In fact, SST analyses indicate that Henri will be passing over a patch of very warm 30 deg C waters this evening. By early Sunday Henri is predicted to cross the north wall of the Gulf Stream.
  8. It's only because he hasn't strengthened as quick as they had forecasted. No surprise the track moved E. Assuming today Henri can't get it's act together, we will see SE New England getting landfall of a weakening TS.
  9. My Syosset station has a higher DP than it should, probably because over grass as well like yours. Trust me if my station was reading off compared to my other station 2 miles away, I'd be replacing it and looking to move it as well. I even have a parking lot abutting part of my Syosset property. It's representative for the N Syosset-Muttontown area btwn Jericho Tpke and Northern Blvd, as both stations are in that zone. Whether the typography plays a role, who knows, as I haven't studied it. I'm 210 feet in Syosset and 154 feet in Muttontown, as I recall. As an aside, topped out at 88 for both. 87.8 in Syosset & 88.3 in Muttontown today.
  10. Muttontown is 12 feet+ away from the pool. I have two stations (N Syosset & Muttontown) a couple of miles within each other and they are .2 or so within each other during the day for their highs. They are fine. I don’t live next to an ASOS which are surrounded by blacktop that are not in either neighborhood. When I lived in Great Neck it was hilarious seeing LGA always warmer yet I guess my GN station was just wrong all the time then too. Seems like you can’t accept microclimates of LI if they don’t read 90+ all the time. I’m tenths of degrees away from 90 at times at both yet they are wrong. Guess I should move the stations to the edge of the properties next to the street, winter lows will bust warm but at least I can have those hot summer temps.
  11. Back to 88 at both stations after the drop from 84, see if 89/90 can be reached the next hour.
  12. I’ve had less sun today and got a pop up shower. My stations are fine. Both VP2 with fan shields on them. Is your station fan aspirated? Are the stations around you fan aspirated too? Good for FRG and ISP I don’t live at those locations. What’s even more hilarious is the Muttontown station should be hot as can be since it’s on a tripod 6’ over the pool patio stone at my parent’s house baking in the sun, yet it’s not.
  13. I didn’t on the N Shore either at both my stations FWIW.
  14. Quick shower popped up dropped to 84, see if the cloud breaks get here and temps rebound. Otherwise 87/88 is the high at my stations.
  15. It’ll be close today depending on the when the clouds arrive. I’m 87 already in Syosset and if I get 90 today it’ll be a heatwave for me.
  16. Looks like 94 will do it for Syosset (93.7) and Muttontown (93.9) for the high.
  17. 93 so far in both Syosset & Muttontown.
  18. View from the S of the storm that hit Pt Washington as it passed by Great Neck Plaza
  19. That storm just missed me at work in Great Neck Plaza. Hope your power is back up quickly.
  20. 93 for the high in Muttontown (93.1) & Syosset (92.8) today.
  21. Looks like 89 is the high for both Syosset (88.9) & Muttontown (88.7) today.
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