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  1. Going on 3 weeks for my son as well. Practice was cancelled yesterday, field was still not dry. Shall see if his Friday night flag football game gets cancelled, though the field in Massapequa is all turf.
  2. Agreed. It could 50-100 miles east or west, just have to watch radar as the storm unfolds. Hopefully it happens out to sea, so no one has to deal with the flooding that would accompany those totals.
  3. My grandma’s house in Islip had tons of tree damage and huge limbs down all over the place. The wind snapped the trees tops down on her side yard and knocked off a street light on power pole across street. Lots of power lines down. Compared to Great Neck where we had some gusts and a branch or two down.
  4. Another 2-4" of rain, no thank you!!
  5. Assuming the rain is done, 2.39" in Muttontown & 2.50" in Syosset.
  6. 2.05” at Syosset & 1.93” at Muttontown so far.
  7. Had the same on the island and temp dropped to 56 at both my stations.
  8. 1.70” and counting in Syosset.
  9. 1” of rain so far in Syosset.
  10. OKX still going for 1"+ for coast:
  11. 49 in Muttontown & 50 in Syosset.
  12. Wonder if the data sparse upstream of the pacific plays a role. Feb 21 air travel wasn’t back to normal levels, so I’m sure missing that data could have played a role to some extent.
  13. Flood Watch for OKX area until this evening.
  14. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/watch/ww0674.html
  15. 94 at both my stations so far. Hottest of the year, impressive.
  16. Davis sells NIST equipment. Not sure if Ambient does. https://www.davisinstruments.com/pages/nist-traceable-sensors
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