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  1. .56 at Muttontown & .28 in Syosset, W LI is the dry spot for the area.
  2. Lots of mammatus around this afternoon.
  3. Oyster bay is smooth. Currently kayaking & storms staying on the S Shore it seems.
  4. 12z hrrr has storms between 3-5pm over the island fwiw. Just watch the radar otherwise to see if any of the model simulated radar ends up correct, which I’m skeptical of for LI.
  5. Look at the radar, I think you’re fine this morning.
  6. Muttontown was 89.9 (90) & Syosset 88.0 today for the high.
  7. So far it has gotten to 89 in Muttontown & 88 in Syosset.
  8. Point & Click doesn't show it but when you go to the zone forecasts it does show it.
  9. Appears the same old if Euro weeklies are correct in the extended.
  10. Haha, not for Philly and W NJ though.
  11. I just did a quick google search & came across the following link: https://tools.airfire.org/websky/v2/#status Has the GFS domain out to 120hrs.
  12. HRRR says the worst stays S & W. Maybe some light haze but nothing like the media is hyping up for NYC metro like Chicago is going through currently.
  13. Quick shower. Not much of anything to be honest.
  14. Unfortunately the fools at NYS DEC have the Air Quality Alert going until Midnight, it should have be canceled immediately this morning.
  15. From Newsday: New York City schools said students in certain grades and schools will switch to remote learning Friday, due to the poor air quality, while others were taking it off anyway for staff development.
  16. 159 in Holtsville & 130 in Eisenhower Park at 5pm!
  17. Actual clouds this time around.
  18. I question how accurate the number since it has Great Neck to Syosset, all with that same number. Most likely not enough monitoring stations on LI to be more accurate. Only 1 in Nassau & 1 in Suffolk. We can all tell from our nose though & the brighter sun that today is much better than the last 24 hrs. Hopefully the trend continues after the next brief round of smoke later this evening & tonight per the HRRR.
  19. HRRR has one last shot around 7pm until midnight but not sure it’ll get to surface. After that appears Friday gets better compared to what we have been going through.
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