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  1. It was always going to be short lived. The fact some wrote any cold off is another story. Just like the heavy rain staying offshore and a map of 70 degree warmth being posted. Have to wait until mid April for any sustained warmth IMO. Otherwise, mid 50s to 60 the next few weeks with maybe a day here and there ahead of a front getting to 70 if we get lucky, especially for those of us on the coast.
  2. EPS showed this a week ago, yet GEFS was posted with warmth instead.
  3. Mid 50s overall. Onshore flow and gloom won’t make it better, that’s for sure. Especially compared to the recent weather we’ve had.
  4. Or watch the satellite loop & the mostly cloudy forecast was a bust resulting in the higher temps.
  5. Assume that 72 in N Nassau is my station in Muttontown or Syosset, as both hit that.
  6. Agreed & DT was as argumentative as ever too. Time to move on and ignore them IMO.
  7. “New York City is 10 days early compared to a long-term average of 1991-2020.” https://www.usanpn.org/data/maps/spring
  8. That's the same peak gust Muttontown has gotten as well so far.
  9. Gusted to 49mph in Syosset.
  10. Doesn’t fit the narrative.
  11. Most likely that is what will happen unfortunately.
  12. Not surprising. They don’t cool down much compared to suburbs. Trees outside my office in Great Neck have open buds already.
  13. Hawaii also stays on Standard Time like Arizona.
  14. 64 at my stations for the high.
  15. 6Z run of the same model:
  16. I'm fine with it. Once the sun is out the following day it melts quickly. To each their own.
  17. 58 for the high at both my stations
  18. Crazy temp gradient along the coast. 40 at Sagamore Yacht Club and it's 52/53 at my stations, 4-5 miles inland from Yacht Club.
  19. No issues with my hemlocks or green giant arborvitaes thankfully, they did well with heavy wet snow. Happy I replaced the old bushes years ago with the arborvitaes when I redid the yard, they would have certainly snapped under the weight. Lots of limbs down from pine trees around the area though.
  20. Going to finish with 2.7” for this storm it appears. Not a bad refresh of the snowpack. Enjoy Windham!
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