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  1. It'd be great if we had real time to compare but it'll never happen unfortunately. Have to go on former location data to current location data.
  2. JFK should also be safe, winds going S today.
  3. NBS & MAV have 96 for EWR. Probably end up hitting 97 at EWR for the high.
  4. It’s AI algorithm incorporated into the model. This was release about 2 months ago, as I recall. https://charts.ecmwf.int/catalogue/packages/ai_models/ https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-023-06185-3
  5. How did the beaches make out with Franklin? I had seen pictures/video of water into Jones Beach theater during a concert.
  6. 90 at both my stations today
  7. Definitely something to watch IMO. Lots can change in the extended, that's for sure.
  8. Some are 68 on the region roundup at 12pm. Looks like upper 60s (69) now at the majors at 1pm. JFK is 70.
  9. 66 DP in Muttontown currently.
  10. ISP benefiting from a N wind so far this morning. Winds just went S to SW so I’m sure ISP hit their high for the day if winds stay that direction.
  11. Go check the METAR data and wind direction, says it all. ISP was S all day long yesterday, hence the temp difference.
  12. Read OKX AFD, lots of mixing & lower DPs during height of temps during the day. LGA shows this today, went to upper 50s. EWR dropped to 61 I see quickly. BUFKIT soundings prog 850 mb temperatures around 20C on Monday, and with a well-mixed BL, surface temperatures should climb into the high 80s and low 90s in the afternoon for most, or about 10 degrees above normal. Surface high pressure centered over the Southeast provides a light westerly flow, except where coastal sea breezes develop and back winds southerly in the afternoon. An upper disturbance rounding the ridge will allow for some mid and high level clouds during the day, but precipitation is not expected. It remains mild overnight into Tuesday, with the metro only falling into the mid 70s. The ridge slides overhead Tuesday, with similar, if not a smidge warmer, conditions expected. Continued deep mixing likely allows dew pts to fall below NBM both days as often the case. Blended in the 10th percentile as a compromise, yielding low to mid 60s during the day. Its possible the low-levels dry out a bit more than forecast, and this is the challenge as it comes to heat headlines.
  13. 87 in Muttontown & 88 in Syosset today.
  14. Heat going up and over us. You can’t catch a break with your heat desire.
  15. When this is inside 120hrs let me know. Seen too much long range heat fade away this summer. Can still see highest temps will be to our west as has been the theme all summer.
  16. He's moved on to posting 90 day+ maps for the winter torch that's incoming.
  17. 85 both my stations.
  18. Same this morning at my stations.
  19. Because the warm overnight lows with high DPs skewed temps, that's how.
  20. 1.20” in Syosset & .63” in Muttontown.
  21. They are in Great Neck. Office building was crawling with them Friday when I went to get a file from storage unit. Haven’t seen any in Syosset or Muttontown yet but I’m sure they are around.
  22. .26 in Muttontown & .30 in Syosset currently. End up under .50" when this is done most likely.
  23. @the_other_guy another aviation headache. I'm sure it'll take until Thursday to be back to normal.
  24. Aviation twitter has been going crazy all summer. From FAA staffing issues to the weather, it's been a nightmare for passengers as well as flight crews this summer. I saw diversions over the SE yesterday due to T-storms.
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