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  1. Elsa looks like a TS from recon, NHC jumped the gun based on wind report from Barbados.
  2. Looks like 95 for the high in Muttontown & Syosset today.
  3. Tmagan says nearly six years since it last happened!
  4. Did anyone read the article? I haven't followed this model, but it allegedly gave lead times of a month on the Texas outbreak etc. They also stated the model at times is wrong, case in point. So it's a work in progress. If anyone wants to follow it, as it's in development with RSMAS & funding from NOAA, they can.
  5. Obviously a work in progress. I wouldn’t be making critical decisions based off it that’s for sure.
  6. Came across this article in the Miami Magazine, on the SubX long range model (1-4 weeks out). Ben Kirtman, who helped with NMME model is in charge of this new model. https://magazine.miami.edu/features/2021-spring/subseasonal-experiment-subx.html Here’s one link to the model: http://wxmaps.org/subx_custom.php
  7. 95 for Muttontown & 94 for Syosset, so far. Currently 93/77 w/108 HI in Syosset & 93/70 w/101 HI in Muttontown.
  8. 92 for the high today in Muttontown & Syosset!
  9. 48.7 in Muttontown & 50 in Syosset for lows. Low of 72 here in Orlando, looking forward to landing in the crisp weather later today.
  10. 55 this morning for the low, refreshing!
  11. 93 (92.7) for the high in Muttontown & 92 (92.3) in Syosset. Currently 91-92 still.
  12. Already 91 at both my stations, Muttontown & Syosset.
  13. 90 in Muttontown & Syosset today.
  14. 90 in Muttontown & 89 in Syosset currently
  15. 86 to 87 in Syosset & Muttontown so far
  16. 2.11” total so far in Syosset & 1.90” in Muttontown. Currently 48 at both, feels like March outside.
  17. Interesting that the Manhattan mesonet, E of Central Park in Lenox Hill section only reached 87, yet some complained about Central Park's high temp that day. Curious to see how that Mesonet location's high temperatures are compared to Central Park's high temp this summer. I would have thought it would have been warmer compared to the Park, being it's measure on the roof at that site.
  18. 88 in Muttontown (88.3) & Syosset (87.5) for the high.
  19. 89 (88.8) in Syosset and 88 (87.9) in Muttontown for the high today.
  20. 80/81 now in Muttontown & Syosset. 82.1 was the high in Muttontown & 81.1 in Syosset so far.
  21. 82 at 3pm for LGA, that didn't last long.
  22. 80 in Muttontown & Syosset at 2pm
  23. Had some nice thunder with the line that just passed here in Syosset.
  24. Have to wait until May for any 80+ heat it seems with this pattern.
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