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  1. Daniel Huffman's 2019-2020 Preliminary Winter Forecast
  2. Remember George and family at this time. Kaki was an acquaintance of my daughter during their time together at Bob Jones University. Woman killed by suspected intoxicated driver in Greenville Co. crash was GA meteorologist's daughter
  3. My wet dry vac won't help under those conditions either! :-(
  4. Hush your mouth! I don't live far from you Burnsie. So far Pine Knolls is underperforming our near neighbors but are catching up quickly over the last couple hours. We're right around 4" since the rain started.
  5. After all of the earlier monsoon rains I purchased a rectangular Rubbermaid type storage box, set it over where 95% of my water leaks in, got me a pump and float switch, and am hoping it works. Got tired of having to use the wet dry vac.
  6. How about coyotes in Wallburg? Is that close enough?
  7. High Point's WGHP's Van Denton posted his GFS model view
  8. I'll pass. 5 hour trip to Williamsburg scheduled the 26th. Otherwise I'd be in.
  9. 12" with some areas drifting up to 13+". Currently getting a wetter snow with a bit of sleet/freezing rain mixed in. Temp 29° / 28° with winds 13/20 and pressure 30.09
  10. Heavier snow last twenty minutes. 9 1/4" measured on board out back twenty minutes ago. Off Piney Grove Rd north of Kville.
  11. What are the chances of the southeast moisture fetch continuing into and thru the winter? I know some is due to hurricanes, but nevertheless the two closest personal weather stations to where I live, one east and one west, both show me getting roughly 40" of rain over the past three months!
  12. Let's face it. When the rubber meets the road, all of this falls into a form of basic statistical analysis. You determine a problem or a desired positive result and look for a cause. In medicine, you have a disease and search for something you see over and over and you determine if there's a connection, and if so, the causation of the repeating observation. Same with finances, science, behavior, fishing and weather. If the fish tend to be biting more when it's cloudy, you'll fish when it's cloudy. If you get spanked for hitting your sister, you'll quit hitting your sister. If it snowed in the past when certain conditions occur, we go weany mode when we see these conditions. None of this results in a perfect prognosis, else cancer would have been cured aa long time ago. And as for Robert, I really appreciate his insights into our weather patterns!
  13. I worked for a large apparel company in IT. Planning looked 13 weeks out into the future driven by market trends, placed orders, and anticipated orders based on input from relations with the retail stores. I wasn't at the level of knowing what was discussed, only in supporting the IT infrastructure. I'm sure that weather would affect the retail stores order planning, which would then affect our planning thru a change in the placed and anticipated orders.