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  1. Light to moderate snow here. Good dusting on everything after the sleet storm early this morning.
  2. Please tell me you aren't serious. Our laws dont effect mother nature. We haven't added any extra daylight.
  3. lol good luck forecasting that!
  4. Upton thinking mix sleet/rain/snow for east end 3 - 6" total
  5. NYC S & E went from 0 to 3-4" from the first wave. I'll take it.
  6. only SLIGHT differences lol
  7. I don't see anything that makes me believe this is coming more north.
  8. Incorrect. I was at 34-35 during the whole storm and I ended up with 16". Good rates can result in accumulations even above freezing
  9. fwiw ICON looks much better as well. 1st wave doesn't seem to escape and merges with 2nd.
  10. Heights much better out ahead of the 2nd wave...
  11. Surface is a mess not reflective of upper levels.